Monday, August 31, 2015

August in General

It's crazy what just a couple of months does for a little kid! In June Breck had words and stuff he was saying, but two months later and he is a talking fool!!!! He is FULL of words and sentences and it just blows my mind how fast that went by! He is growing up way too fast, and I'm not sure I'm ready for him to be getting bigger! I am having way too much fun with him now and don't want him to grow up. I'm one of those moms that starts to worry about things that are way in the future, like him going off to kindergarten (which is like 3 years away) and how I'm going to handle that! I know, I'm crazy, but I just absolutely love being able to spend my time with my little guy! I'm so blessed to have such an amazing Hubby that takes care of us and provides for us and allows me to be able to stay home and be there for Breck and to raise him. I don't know where I would be with out my two boys! 
Some new phrases and words he uses are.......

Nana - for any kind of fruit! Every fruit is a nana!
Sad - Whenever his feelings are hurt or he is sad he says "I Sad"
Hurt - For when he has an owie and wants us to kiss it better
Goat - We don't know where this came from, but that's what he calls his milk haha
Note - No and don't combined. When he doesn't want to do something, he says "note"
Pay - Play
So Funny - I'm so funny, or that's so funny! So funny is his latest phrase!
KK-KK - It's the sound K makes...that's what he calls any kind of trucks!
Bus - Wheels on the bus
Du-ed - Uncle Jared
Yuck - Anything that is a bug, a piece of hair, a piece of dirt...anything he thinks is gross is yuck!
Pretty - A necklace or bracelet
A Boo - When he wants to play Peek a Boo
Cereal - He says it so clearly
Beyee - Aunt Beyleigh
Beyee - Belly - Yes he has the same word for two different things, but he knows what he means when he says them lol 
No Sessa - For whatever reason that's his favorite thing to say! When he gets hurt or someone upsets him he always yells "No Sessa!" We are trying to teach him not to yell at his Aunt Sessa for everything and that he needs to start using his manners and saying no thank you and not's a fun learning curve ha
He knows what the following animals say: Cow, Horse, Cat, Dog, Frog, Sheep, Lion, Elephant and Monkey. Elephant is his FAVORITE animal! He is def obsessed!
Neigh Neigh - Horse
Ooh Ooh Aah Aah - Monkey
Nigh Nigh - when he is super tired he tells us night night so he can go to bed ha
Down - When he wants to lay down by you, or wants you to sit down he will pat the object and say it
Pane - Plane
Choo Choo - Train
Ganket - Blanket
Tees - Teeth
Ready - when he wants to get his shoes on and go somewhere he says ready!
GoGo - means lets run and run and run and never stop!
Oh no - he uses when playing with you and he wants you to fall over so he can jump on you
rack - for his own name Breck
I Cute - I so cute
Did it - I did it!
Han - For hand...He says this whenever he wants lotion or antibac on his hands ha
All done - he just says it in the cutest way
Sess you - Bless you
aa you - where are you? When he wants to play hide and seek ha
ak - when I want him to answer me when we are talking he says ak, or if he wants to make sure we aren't hurt or sad ha he is such a smarty pants!
Bynan - Uncle Bryan
Trina - Aunt Katrina
Gack - Mack
Phia - Sophia
Ily - Lily
Bunny - for bunny
A, B & C
1, 2 & 3 - Breck repeats the letters and numbers all the time!
A E A E - This is what he says whenever he reads a book or paper or something ha he's kind of the greatest!

Everyday with this cute Chunky Monkey is the best! He LOVES to sing wheels on the bus with me, and will sing 3 little monkeys swinging in the tree. He LOVES to dance still and is so obsessed with any kind of car, truck or dadu (tractor). He can spot a dadu for a mile away before any of us can see it! He knows what to look for! He loves Maquee (lighting McQueen) and Meo (Mater). He is all boy and is just the sweetest boy ever! He has a definite shoe obsession, which he probably gets from his mom haha He is such a blessing to our family and I can't believe he is going to be 2 on Aug 30th! Where has the time gone?! He's way too big and I want him to stay little forever! He is just the sweetest! He knows his manners and uses pease (please) and Gank Ooo (thank you) and when he hurts someones feelings or is a little mean he knows that he needs to tell them sawy (sorry). He enjoys reading books and looking at pictures of people. He loves to look at pictures and name everyone in the photo. He still is obsessed with water and swimming, no matter how cold the water is! He is really good and making pretend "sad" faces followed by a big grin! It's a new game he likes to play! He still only drinks water no matter what! He drinks milk only at nap or bed time and it has to be warm, but we did FINALLY get him to drink lemonade! He will only take a couple sips then he wants his gaga (agua) again but I'm ok with that, because he is super healthy that way! His favorite foods right now are cheese, and nanas (grapes) with crackers. He's really good at the duck face and loves giving besos and loves (hugs). He is way into hugs right now, it's really quite adorable! He likes to sing along with songs on the radio, he doesn't know what the words are but he makes the sound and always shakes his head because it makes his voice change haha he's pretty much the greatest ever!
He loves to wear daddy's shoes around the house even though he can barely walk in them because they are so big hahah 

He is such a great eater! He really will eat almost anything, and loves his fruits and veggies! He is such a blessing to our family! I love watching him. I could watch him forever and never get bored!

The beginning of the month mommy went out for a girls dinner with some girlfriends for a friends bday and that meant that Daddy and Bubba got to have some Daddy Son time!!! They ate dinner at Taco Bell (Mexican food is both their FAVORITE kind of food)

After dinner they got to go to the park and have some swing time and slide on the slides!

These two had an absolute blast! I love seeing them together, and Breck is so blessed to have such an amazing Daddy! He is the best! I love him like, a lot!!!

The last week in July/beg of August we had our family from California come and visit us! They came and stayed with us for a good week and we LOVED every moment of it!
Breck and Tia Beatrice

Tia Beatrice, Breck and I walked over to the train station and got to see the train and all the people on board leave the train station and head to Silverton. Breck absolutely LOVED hearing the train whistle and see it in action! He was the happiest lil guy!

On Saturday August 1st my Dad and Mom's work (Keller Williams) had a huge family picnic and park day. They got to invite their families to all the fun! We had a volleyball net, food and they brought tubes and rafted down the river! It was a great day filled with great fun and food!
Here they are getting ready to tube the river...and yes this was all before the river was contaminated!

Jared is relaxed and ready to rock and roll!

Tio Oscar was struggling a little to get in the was a wee bit chilly!

You wouldn't know it, but there are two stowaways hiding in the tubes

Now you see them! They are creepin'!

Hangin' by the river!

Tanessa is a little child at heart. Every time she is around water that has sand or mud she just can't help but cover herself in the delicious brown gritty stuff! 

She was even nice enough to include Breck in the muddy mess! So sweet of her!

She's very proud of herself, can't you tell? ha

After a super fun day the river we all headed home and showered and got comfy. We got Breck ready for bed and then we all settled down to watch the big UFC fight with Rhonda Rousy!
Daddy got Breck ready for bed after his bath...this was the outfit he put him in!

Super Breck!!!!

I love this kid sooooo much!

This is how Tianna and Jared watched the fight...can't you tell they were WAY into it?!

Breck's new favorite thing is to hang upside down and drive his car around while papi or honey run him around by his feet. He giggles and laughs so hard, he thinks it's the absolute best!

We woke up one morning to find that these 3 little guys made themselves a home in Breck's pool

Wednesday August 5th, we got the amazing opportunity to head to the rodeo and watch the bull riders! It was so intense to watch, and scary to see some of the things the riders go through! They are some crazy brave men that get on those bulls!
Daddy and Breck, ready for the fun to begin!

Family time! Nothing can beat family time!

Breck got a little tired and the only way he wanted to watch the bull riders was with daddy tickling his belly.

After the bull riding Honey took Breck for a ride on the elephants! To my surprise he actually loved it!

This is how Breck decided he wanted to eat his lunch. Put the last of his nana's (strawberries) in his hair. 

Don't worry, he didn't waste them. When I turned around to grab a rag he grabbed them from his hair and ate them. No wasting food with this guy!

This cutie pie LOVES helping me in the kitchen! He's a huge fan of cooking, and helped me cut up cucumbers for our salad for dinner.

Look at all he did!

He's the greatest!!!

Whenever we go out to eat and they give him stickers with his kids meal, this is where they end up!

And he decided to share the stickers with Honey!

Honey and Breck riding the car!

Breck wasn't happy unless Honey was on the ride with him!

How could you not love this kid?! Check out that awesome hair!

All ready for church! He's such a dapper little man!

Starfish and Breck having some camera time together ha

Ivy and Breck outback at the Avarell's playing on the play set. I was trying to get some super cute pics of them together smiling, and well...they weren't interested in working with me. I got some cute ones though!

The littles eating lunch together at Burger King!

Eden, Alyssa and Jane! These girls are stinkin' cute!

Ivy, Harold and Breck! I got a smile from Ivy, the boys were too involved with their food to want to smile for the camera ha 

What a fun month August has been for us! Loved being able to get out and spend time with our friends before the weather turns cold! Yay for summer days!