Saturday, August 29, 2015

Beyleigh's Bridal Shower

So the theme was a Red Carpet affair and we were to wear our best red carpet attire! Tianna did an amazing job with it. Everyone loved it and Beyleigh had NO idea! Tianna had Brandon in on it ha He picked her up and told her that he was taking her on a date and that the restaurant they were going to was a shirt and tie kind of place, so she needed to wear a nice dress. He then said he needed to stop by Aunt Katrina's to grab something before they headed out. She was debating about staying in the car, but then asked him if Breck was inside (She hadn't seen Breck all day and wanted to see him) so Brandon used that to his advantage and bribed her with Breck telling her that he was inside and she needed to come see him ha. So they came in and he had her enter first and we all yelled surprise and we almost gave her a heart attack! It was awesome! It was the best reaction ever! She had no idea! Brandon, dropped her off and then left. One of his roommates, Ammaron, asked him to go "car shopping" with him to help him pick out a truck. Little did Bran know, that he planned a bachelor night for him with the boys! All in all, the night was a huge success for both Brandon & Beyleigh!!! 
The drink and popcorn station

food station

photo booth!

Living Room, where the presents and games took place!

Pictures of the couple

My little munchkin testing out the photo booth!

Breck and ily!

Gack being a thug! ha

After everyone got some food and were able to mingle for a little bit, Tianna started the night off with some photo booth fun! Needless to say, we got some pretty amazing pictures!!!!

After some awesome photo booth madness, Tianna presented Beyleigh with a gorgeous tiara and "an emmy award" for the best sister in law ever!!! 

She's kind of the best don't you agree?!

After the award, we started off with a fun little game! Tianna had video taped a question and answer with Brandon before hand, and Beyleigh had to give what answer she thought Brandon gave! For every one that she got wrong she had to chew a piece of bubble gum! She was kind of drooling towards the end lol After the game we opened all the fun gifts! No worries, I only used the "appropriate" pictures. If you weren't there, you will never know what goodies were inside these gifts hahah 

If you can't tell from her expression, this is my gift to her and she was a LITTLE nervous at what was inside!

As she should have been! Ha don't you love her blushing face?

Oils from Dana!

It was such a success! I was so excited that she had no clue about it, and that we were able to pull off such a great surprise! Tianna did a great job and we were so grateful for everyone that came to support our Bride to be!!!!

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