Sunday, August 30, 2015

Breck's Bday

The next day was Sunday August 30! Yup, Breck's 2nd birthday! I was pretty bummed that we were in Utah without Presten. Breck turned 2, and his daddy had to miss it. It was bitter sweet, but all the family in Utah made it so wonderful! Honey went out and bought a Lightning McQueen Pinata for the kids, which was a HUGE hit!!!

All the kids got at least 2 turns to hit the pinata! They had way too much fun!

Uncle Dued was in charge of the pinata, and did a great job!

He hit the pinata and it came back and hit him in the eye...he was a little upset at McQueen for that ha

The older kids got to use a hard bat, and were blind folded to make it more challenging!

Bran and Bey playing on the tire swing! Kids at heart!

Even the big big kids got a turn! ha We had to get some big kids in there to break it so the kids could collect their candy!

All the cousins that came to love and support my Bubba Boy!
L to R: Jake Masterson, Gack Waite, Landon & Emerson Withers, ily Waite, Breck and Phia Waite!

Breck and his cousin Jake!

Beyee was really enjoying her spare tire bahahah 

This is what happens when I tried to get his birthday hat on for a picture. He loved his hat so much, can't you tell?!

Only Nani can make everything better!

After the kids ran around and got to play after the pinata part, we brought out a cupcake and sang happy birthday to him.

He blew out the candle all by himself! Woohoo!

He surprised me by grabbing the cupcake and taking a huge bit out of it...

But then he looked at Nani and screamed, "mess! I a mess!" He shoved that cupcake in Nani's hand and then he didn't surprise me anymore. My child is strange one and doesn't like cupcakes or cake! He is all about his fruit, which we anticipated so we pulled out the fruit popsicles we bought and he was a happy camper! Yes, instead of a cake, we had popsicles for all the kids and all the adults got these Island Sorbets! We got them from Costco, they are seasonal, but oh my goodness they are amazing! They had coconut, mango, orange and pineapple flavor!

Nani & Jasper

Jasper was a big fan of Nani, and gave her tons of smiles! I made him cry, but thank goodness Nani was there for the smiles haha

Lily, Jake and Breck trying to pick up the "cemented" rocks haha

After dessert he got to open up some gifts! Everyone loved him and brought him some super great gifts!
Phia got him an M&M fan which he loved!

Honey got him a cute outfit, with some books and toys for church

Jared, Jennie, Jake and Jasper got him a T-Ball stand with a bat and ball! He was SUPER excited about it and plays with it almost every morning!

The Waite's got him a remote control Lightning McQueen car with McQueen socks and he was SUPER stoked! 

I am so grateful for the family, love and support that we have! Everyone who came out to celebrate Breck's bday with us helped to make it a great day! I'm so glad that he has such amazing examples around him to look up to!
Happy 2nd Birthday to this adorable munchkin that made me a mom! My life has been forever blessed because of you!!!!!!!!

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