Saturday, August 29, 2015

End of August

Thursday August 27th, my Mom, Dad, sister Tanessa, Breck and I headed up to Utah. Saturday, August 29 Beyleigh was scheduled to get her endowments out so we made our way up there to for that. My mom, Breck and I were staying the whole week to help with wedding stuff that Brandon and Beyleigh might need. Tanessa and my dad had to get back to work and school so they left on Sunday.

Thursday was just a whole bunch of travel and unpacking. Friday we spent the day shopping and getting everything ready for Saturday night. You see, Tianna asked for my mom and I's help in planning a surprise Bridal Shower for Beyleigh on Saturday night. So Friday we just made sure we had all the decorations and food etc. for the party. 

Saturday morning, we woke up bright and early and made our way down to the Provo, UT temple. My Aunt Katrina was so awesome and took Breck with her to the kids' soccer games and she said that he was great for her and they had so much fun with him! So glad he was so good for her! 
So, my Mom, Dad and I made our way to the temple, and boy was that an adventure in itself. We got there on time, but they were so busy and it was like one thing after another. I brought my clothes so I headed back to the dressing rooms to change. My mom and dad were renting, so they headed to the renting station only to find out the system had just crashed! The people behind the counter were super frantic and they had a huge line of people that needed clothes. So that put my parents way behind. Well, in the mean while, I changed and I headed to the waiting room. Well, they took me to the wrong room so they had to run me up 2 floors to get to the right one. Can you imagine pregnant me sprinting up the stairs? It was pretty epic! Well I got there, and thank goodness wasn't the only one late. Beyleigh's Aunt came in right after me, and then my mom wasn't too far behind. They waited as long as they could for my Dad but no one could find him, so the session began. Meanwhile, my Dad had changed and waited by the stairs for my mom, not realizing there were two different sets of stairs to get to the room and he must have missed her. Someone came down looking for him, but they got his name wrong and called out for Todd Farley instead of Doug Farley. Well, he found out that the session had already started and so they had him do some sealings and thankfully they made it so that my Dad was in the Celestial Room. After the session, we all made it through to the Celestial Room and we saw him there and it was so great! So yes we had some bumps along the way, but thank goodness it all came together and everything worked out amazingly!!!!
Beyleigh with here Dad, Mom and sisters!

The Clegg's...Brans new inlaws! Happy family!

Love these two! They are pretty much adorable!

Everyone who came for Beyleigh!

After the Endowment Session, everyone headed to Malawi's in Provo for lunch.
This is how Tanessa eats her food...she uses the napkins as giant bibs!

The whole group!

After lunch we headed back to my Aunt Katrina's house and started decorating and getting ready for the surprise Bridal shower! All the pics and details are in the Bridal Shower post!

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