Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Las Vegas

After Kim's wedding yesterday on August 8th, we woke up and loaded ourselves up again. Tianna and Jared left the hotel in SLC and headed back home to Provo. The rest of us, Mom, Dad, Tanessa, Presten, Breck, Beyleigh, Brandon and myself loaded up the cars and made our way to Las Vegas where we were staying until Tuesday. Sessa got to ride in our car and Bran and Bey rode with my parents. The trip started off ok. I was feeling a little nauseous after breakfast. With this pregnancy I can't do any kind of dairy so that limits what foods I can eat. I ate eggs for breakfast from the hotel, and well that was a bad choice. The last couple of times I have eaten eggs I have had them come right back up, and well that's exactly what happened. We were in the middle of nowhere on our way towards St. George and I didn't have enough time to tell Presten to pull over, so I grabbed 2 walmart bags and up came everything ha I felt so bad for everyone else in the car because they had to listen to that awfulness! I'm a very violent puker, it sounds like I'm puking up my insides, probably TMI (too much info) but now you know why I felt so bad for everyone ha We finally passed a town that had a gas station so we pulled in there and I got some mints and tums to hopefully help with the rest of the journey. In Beaver we stopped and ate lunch with everyone else and then got back on the road and made our way to Vegas again. Quite the eventful start huh?!
These two were SUPER tired! So cute!
After St George, we hit the canyon which we were unaware of at the time had HUGE construction taking place in the gorge! Talk about lame! Well it got even worse! We had no idea what was lying ahead of us or that it would take us forever and a decade to get through!
Our aggrivated, "I'm so over this stop and go traffic" faces. We never got above 10mph

Then I made them all give me a cute face, cuz I'm like that!

By the time everything was said and done it had taken us 3+ hours to get from the canyon to the other side of Mesquite. Why you may ask? A HUGE accident! There was a fatal accident between a car and a huge semi that caused one fatality in Mesquite. The semi was burnt to a crisp and the back side of the car was completely smashed in. We don't know what happened but it was AWFUL!
Here's the car

Here's the semi

We finally thought we were in the clear. Not even 2 minutes of clear free driving and then we all had to slam on our breaks and come to a COMPLETE stop! These are the exact same people that just made it through the LONG construction and other accident and then they go and get in another accident! We were stopped for 45min this time. I think it had to do with a motorcycle, no cars were involved just motorcycles. It just killed me though, because it's like, come on people, let's be smart! You may know what you're doing when you're driving, but NO ONE else around knows! Don't assume! Be a smart, safe driver and that could save a whole bunch of lives! As you can tell from the pic below that everyone was so over this whole thing that they were all out of their cars and walking around because we could not believe that there was another incident! 

 After all the accidents and traffic and what not, we FINALLY made it to vegas! No worries, our 5hr trip was only turned into a 10hr trip by all of that, but we made it! Whew, talk about being grateful to finally be at our destination!!!! We got to the Excalibur, got checked in, turned our AC on and made our way out to grab some dinner! After dinner everyone else did some sight seeing and Presten, Breck and I made our way down to the High Roller to pick up our tickets. Our friends the Brizzee's are beyond AMAZING and helped us get some tickets for everyone to ride the High Roller in Vegas where you get a birds eye view of Vegas! They are the absolute best! We owe them BIG TIME!!!!!!!!
After grabbing the tickets we walked by the Bellagio just in time to watch the water show, or so we thought! They were setting up for some concert on the water so the water sow was delayed...bummer huh? 

My sexy boys!

So we went ahead and just made our way back to the hotel. It was like 11:30am/12:00am by the time we got back. Breck's such a champ! He handled staying up late super awesome! He LOVED seeing all the lights at night and def enjoyed riding on Daddy's shoulders!

The next morning we all got up and got ready for the day. I found these two hiding in the closet. Breck convinced Uncle Bran Bran to play in the closet with him...he's quite convincing hahah 

After grabbing breakfast we headed to Ross and did some shopping. After Ross we made our way to the M&M Factory and then headed to Marshall's for some more shopping. 
Daddy & Breck with the M&M gang!

Breck and Blue!

Breck found a new toy and was NOT going to let it go!

They are precious aren't they?!

My adorb parents

Standing in line waiting for the M&M movie to start!

The fam all together in the M&M factory! We were bummed Jared and Tianna couldn't make it to enjoy the fun with us!

Ready for the movie! Breck was all for helping Red get his "M" back! The glasses are because the movie is in 3D and things come out at you. Every time something from the screen came out he would reach out and try to grab it! He was all about that show! It was seriously the cutest thing ever!!!!!

yum! Tanessa and Beyleigh decided to take a nice lick out of the Lady Liberty Jelly Bean creation! Delicious right?!

After shopping at Marshall's we all headed to the Shake Shack for lunch. It was the first time trying the Shake Shack. It reminded me of Grass Burger, a small town burger joint here in Durango. It was really good, we all really liked it. After lunch, Tanessa, Brandon and Beyleigh wanted to head back to the hotel so they took Breck for me while Pres, Mom, Dad and I kept shopping and checking out the strip. After walking the strip we headed back to the hotel for some pool time before dinner.
Papi & his Bubba!

Papi was so awesome and took Breck down the water slide at the pool! 

The best part...the slide didn't have a big enough incline to really send you down fast enough, so Papi had to use his legs to scoot himself and Breck down the slide! bahaha my mom and I were laughing so hard! It was hilarious!

They made it!!!

Look at that grin! He loved it!

Sessa and Breck watching some "rides"

We made our way down to Ceasar's palace to eat dinner at the Cheesecake Factory...best decision ever! The food was absolutely AMAZING!!!! After dinner we got to watch "The Fall of Atlantis" in the Forum shops section. Breck loved it! Above is Breck and Papi watching the show.  After the show we made our way down towards The Linq and The Flamingo to ride the High Roller!!!!

Here's the High roller from afar!!!

We've got our tickets and are in line! We are almost there!!!!!

Super stoked!

Little fun fact...you have to board the cabin while it is moving!!! It's quite a trippy experience. They only stop for those that have wheel chairs. Strollers, you just have to run and go hahah We all made it! woohoo!

Ness and Bey above Vegas!

Bran Bran & Beyee

Family photo!

You can see the lights for miles! 

Thanks to Zach's awesome advice we went on the half hour (9:30pm) so by the time we got to the top the Bellagio Water Show was going and we got to see it from way up there! The lights were gorgeous! It was such a neat experience!!!!

Just look at all that amazingness!

Breck thought it was pretty cool as well!

We so cute! It was such a cool ride! I'm so grateful for the Brizzee's and for them making this cool opportunity possible for us! We had a blast! You guys totally rock!!!!!!!!

The next day was Tuesday...which meant we had to say goodbye to Vegas, and Hello to CALI!!!!! Before leaving Tanessa wanted to go to the Welcome to Las Vegas sign so we all ventured to the sign and got some goodbye pics in the super HOT heat!

 Love these peeps!!!! What a great couple of days spent in the Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada!!!!!! From here we are headed to California! Wish us luck!!!!

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