Friday, August 14, 2015

Living the Cali Life!

Tuesday August 11th, we arrived in California! We rented a house in Anaheim, CA for all our fam! It had 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 living rooms, dining room, kitchen, laundry room, pool and BBQ area by the pool. It was PERFECT for us! My Dad & Mom, Brandon & Beyleigh, Tianna and Jared, Presten, Breck and I all stayed there together. It was great because we had all the room we needed and having a pool there was great. Breck got to swim almost every day with his aunts and uncles and loved every moment of it. He couldn't get enough of the water! Needless to say, he absolutely LOVED all the attention he was getting! Tianna and Jared didn't get in until Wednesday night so the rest of us took the time to unpack and do some grocery shopping for the week. Tuesday was basically a travel, unload and relax day! 

Wednesday, August 12th we started the morning off with breakfast, got ready and then headed to lunch and met up with my Mom's sisters and their kids. We met up with my Aunt Laeni, her daughter Gabriella, My Aunt Mori and her daughters Marissa and Emma, Uncle Bryan & Aunt Katrina and their kids Mack, Lily and Sophie. We ate lunch at Zankou Chicken which was about a mile from Downtown Disney and is a mediterranean restaurant. After lunch our big group headed to Downtown Disney for some afternoon fun!
My sexy hubs and I! I love this man and the amazing support he gives me! 

Lily, Gabri and Sophie! Love these littles!

My cute mom and dad...and yes my mom is on her tip toes, to try to look taller so she doesn't look so short next to my dad. She does this quite often for pictures, it's really quite entertaining!

Sessa and her bestie Emma!

Having these two together makes for some very entertaining moments!

Our first stop was the LEGO STORE!!!!! Talk about some major fun! The kids loved the lego stations where you could build your own creations with legos and then we headed outside where they let you build race cars out of legos and let you race them! Breck build a Kuk-Kuk (which is a semi truck) and his car one 3 races and lost one. He got a kick out of it!

Uncle Doug and Gabri!

There's something there...True Love!


Even Sessa wanted to join in on the building fun!

Breck and Honey getting ready for the race!

Breck's car is the yellow and white one, the first one in the line up in the picture. 

Ready for his car to come down!

I have a tendency to get the most ATTRACTIVE pics of Beyleigh. She loves me for it I'm sure!

Yay for Lego car racing!!!!

The next stop after the Lego Store was Breck's FAVORITE store! When we went to cali in April this was the store that Breck was BEYOND obsessed with! He couldn't get enough of it! The store is called Ride Makerz and you get to go in, pick a base car frame, add a remote control option to it and then you get to pimp out your ride with stickers and all sorts of car extras! It's like Build A Bear but for boys! As you can imagine, it is Breck's heaven!
Tanessa and Lily

Patiently waiting his turn to drive the remote control car!

Branman and Breck driving the car. Love how much they love each other!

Branman & Beyee dressed as Woody and Jesse! Aren't they just the cutest?!

Breck even joined in on the hat fun!
Doesn't he make the cutest little monster?!

I love this squishy little face!

Breck and his mickey mouse ears! 

After Downtown Disney we all headed back to the house we were renting (since it was only like 3 min from Disneyland) and hung out there. The kids went swimming and we got to visit with my mom and dad's old friends. Tammy Vincent (Venable), her daughter Alaina and Alaina's son Vincent. He and Breck are around the same age and they were SO cute together! They had a complete blast playing together! The Venable's were my parents neighbors when they lived in Yucaipa, CA when I was itty bitty! It was SO fun to get to visit with them and get to spend some time with them! So glad we got to see them!

Tammy & my Mom

Breck & Vincent! Probably the cutest 2 year olds in the history of like ever!

Vincent showing off his muscles! He's so strong!

Hugs! We love us some hugs!

Our model babies! 

They even gave each other kisses when they said goodbye! Talk about the cutest thing ever! I love how sweet my baby boy is!

The whole gang! Love these ladies, and our two cute boys!

Thursday August 13th we spent all morning in the pool. After the pool we headed out to lunch together at some buffet place nearby and then the afternoon half of us headed back to the house for naps and lounging while the other half headed to Long Beach for some sand and water fun!
Looks to me like they are having way too much fun in the pool! Breck doesn't get any attention, can't you tell?!

While taking pictures of the others, I turned to get a pic of Breck and captured this oh so delightful moment! Talk about yuck! He was def digging deep too! 

He was cleaning his nose, by grabbing water with his hand and then grabbing his nose! He is such a smart little cookie!

Look, Nani can walk on water!

The group eating lunch!

Headed to the beach!

While on the way to the beach he grabbed his life jacket and wrapped it in front of him to where he could only see out the arm whole. 

within a few minutes, he was out! Poor little guy was tuckered out haha

Jared taking precautionary measures to protect himself from the sun lol 

Nani & Dued began to build a sea turtle and Breck wanted to help!

Before long Presten decided that he wanted to join in on the fun as well!

Getting their hands all dirty to create the perfect sand sculpture!

Before long, they had this awesome piece!

Sessa and Emma loved laying in the waves...let's just say that after the beach they had sand EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!

Here is the finished product!

He's pretty cool looking huh?!

After they finished the turtle they decided he needed a little something extra. So they added spikes to him and viola, they made Bowzer from Mario Cart! 

They were pretty happy with their creation!

His nose was running, so to clean his nose he would dip his head down and put his nose to the sand and wait for the wave to come up and wash it off! hahaha Talk about the best thing ever! We all got a kick out of it!

They built the sculpture too close to the water and before long this was what was left of their grand turtle!

After the beach we headed home, got cleaned up and just took the night to relax and hang out together. My mom and dad headed to Newport Beach temple for McKay's endowment session. 
Branman and Breck playing some foosball!

And yes, I stole these super awesome pics of Emma and careful what pictures you take because I will use them hahaha

Poor Jared got a little too much sun!

 Friday August 14th we woke up bright and early and made our way to the beach! Today we headed to Huntington Beach, which is Presten and I's favorite beach! Presten, Breck and I got there around 10:00am and prepared ourselves for a full day of fun in the sun! We headed to the stores first and checked out all the fun stuff they had for sale. They were all having a huge 50% off sale going on, and we ended up finding some REALLY good looking pants for Presten for work! Yay for sales! The rest of the fam arrived around 11:30am and we met up at the beach. We ate lunch there and spent all day long at the beach. We didn't end up leaving until 4:30pm! What a fun day of sun we had!

This is how we find my Dad after a long day in the sun. Asleep on the blanket covered with towels so he won't be fried! 

My dad trying to convince my mom to head out into the deeper waves, because it was more fun!

It didn't work too well!

Playing in the sand together! You guessed it, this led to another large sand sculpture!

You can barely see them, but there is Sessa, Branman, Beyee and Papi out in the water

Breck loved running around with Emma!

Preparing the sand for a huge shark!

While Breck was running around with Honey I looked up to see a random Asian Lady bending down next to Breck with a selfie stick! She took a picture of her and Breck together! My mom said she came over and asked to take a picture of him, and then squated down next to him and took a picture of the two of them together! In Cali, my mohawk, blonde, blue eyed stud is quite the celebrity! We couldn't go anywhere without someone commenting on his hair and on how cute he was! I guess we make cute babies! lol 

Check out that jumbo shark!

What great team work they have!

We have some skilled artists in the family! 

Nani's job was to create a wall around the shark so people would steer clear from it and not ruin it!

Breck and Gack!

Check out that sweet hammerhead shark!

The shark is heading after the fish for his lunch! Did they do an amazing job or what?! SO many people stopped to stare and to come and admire the sculpture! There was even one group that came by and took pictures like they made it! hahah that tells you what a great job they did if other people want to take the credit for it! 

We had SOOOO much fun at the beach today! The downfall to spending a full day at the beach is that you are bound to get sunburned no matter how many times you apply sunscreen! That statement was SO true for us! Breck didn't get burned at all which was SUCH a huge relief for me! Presten and I on the other hand, we were burnt to a crisp! We looked like Lobsters! I applied sunscreen 4 times and got fried! Presten, well he didn't apply any because normally he will burn a little and then it turns into a tan over night...well not this time! He burned LAYERS of skin! It took almost 2 weeks before his shoulders weren't in pain anymore. The top layer turned tan and then it would peel, and it was burned skin under that. Poor Presten was in some serious pain and I think from here on out he will be using sunscreen haha 
After the beach we all headed back to house and ate dinner with everyone who wanted to come over and join. My mom's family did come over and so did Tio Oscar, Tia Sonia and their kids Kristian and Joshua! It was so fun to get to spend time with everyone! The night ended and we all headed to bed to prepare ourselves for the big wedding day the next day!

And then of course when everyone left, these two did some more nightly pictures! 

In the next post, "McKay's Wedding Day!" is all the pics and info from Saturday Aug 15!

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