Saturday, August 15, 2015

McKay's Wedding Day!

Saturday August 15th, was the big wedding day! We all got up in the morning showered and got ourselves ready and headed down to the Newport Beach Temple in Newport Beach, CA. Those endowed headed inside the temple for the sealing, and the older cousins stayed outside and watched our littles for us! What would we do with out amazing people like my sister Tanessa who is ALWAYS babysitting the kids for us?! She's pretty great! The sealing was GORGEOUS!!!! Such a beautiful ceremony, and so happy to be there to support McKay and Chase! The temple is such an amazing place and the feeling you get when you walk inside is so wonderful. The calmness and love that you feel around you makes for the most PERFECT atmosphere for a sealing! After the sealing we all headed outside the temple to wait for the new Mr. & Mrs. Campbell!!!
Gabri & Lily

Aunt Mori, Dad, Mom, Mitch & Jessica

Sophie, Mack, Gabri & Lily

Kelek, Joe and Jelaeni

We even got a pic of the Barrett cousins all grown up!

Aren't we the cutest bunch?!

Here are the ones that started it all! The Original Barrett 5!
Aunt Laeni, Mom, Uncle Erik, Aunt Mori & Aunt Katrina! 

As you can tell, we get our loud and crazy sides from them! 

My dad, lookin' like a bouncer!

Funny Story! While we were outside the temple waiting for McKay and Chase, Jared ran into this guy! So Jared served his Mission in Puerto Rico, and he served his mission with this guy! He had just gotten married to his beautiful bride on the right, at the Newport Beach Temple! What are the chances of that?! Jared is from Durango, CO serves his mission in Puerto Rico and runs into a fellow missionary from the mission in CA! Such a small world! It was so fun to see the two with their wives!
Here comes the bride and groom! Woohoo!!!!! 

The whole group! Yay for Chase & McKay!!!!!!

After pictures, those that weren't immediate family or in the bridal party left and went to eat. We of course made our way to In-N-Out! Where else would we go except that delicious place?! After lunch we headed back to the house to put Breck down for a nap and to rest for a little bit. After naps and resting, we loaded in the cars and made our way to Redlands, CA for the reception. It was SO fun to get to see everyone! Now that we are all older and live in so many different places, it seems like weddings are the only times we get to see our great Aunts and Uncles anymore! So being able to celebrate with everyone was AWESOME!!!!
Aunt Laeni, Uncle Erik, Aunt Julia, Aunt Mori, Mom & Aunt Katrina

Can you tell that we played a little too much in the sun the day before?! lol 

Breck absolutely LOVES his Gack!

Phia and Breck dancing the night away!

With Phia around I didn't have a thing to worry about! She told me multiple times that she would babysit him and take really good care of him! She did exactly that! That girl is the cutest!

Emma and Tanessa...being Emma & Tanessa lol

My little stud!

The hubs and I! I love this sexy man!

The boys, doing what they do best...Sitting and watching, while everyone else dances!

I had to get a picture of Presten dancing with Phia! The story behind it, is when the music first started Sophie asked Presten to dance. He told her no and she didn't know what to do ha He told her later because there was no one dancing and he didn't want too much attention on himself, but he kept his promise and danced with her! It made her night and it was the cutest thing ever! 

Little Emerson!

Sophie & Lily dancing together!

Cousinly Love!

Abuela and Tia Blanca

Breakin' it down to the Wobble, Baby!

Missy loves the camera, can't you tell?! lol 

Today was an amazing day filled with great memories and wonderful family time! So happy for Chase & McKay and for the amazing opportunity that we had to be a part of it and get to spend such a great time with family! Yay for family!!!!

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