Saturday, August 8, 2015

My Best Friend Got Married!!!!!

August is finally here and do you know what that means....WEDDINGS GALORE!!!!! On Saturday August 8th my bestest friend Kimberlie Montoya was sealed to her hubby Tanner Hughes, in the Ogden Temple for All Time and Eternity! I seriously could not be more happy for the two of them! They are so great together! Kim asked me to be a bridesmaid and I am so beyond honored and grateful that they wanted me to be a part of their beautiful day! It was such a privilege! Leading up to the wedding, there was a whole bunch of fun wedding weekend festivities! 
We left EARLY Friday morning! We were planning to leave by 4:00am but ended up leaving at 5:00am. Yup we are were up bright and early!
As you can tell, this little guy was SUPER tired!!! 

Except when he realized the camera was on him, then he had to try to be awake ha He did great! He really is the most AMAZING traveler! Probably because we travel A TON! He slept most of the drive there, and then when he was getting ancy he got to watch his "rides" RZR's climbing rocks and going through the river. The only time he got really upset was like 10min before we got there, because he was hungry and ready to get out! He he's my little champ!!! 
We got into Utah around 10:30am and headed to Tianna's house. We got to visit with her for a little bit and then my crazy preggo hormones were starting to come into play and I needed some food, and not breakfast food, I needed REAL food ha so Presten, Breck and I left my mom, dad, Tianna and Tanessa and headed to In-N-Out for some food! MMMM....I can honestly say, In-N-Out never gets old! It just gets better! After that we did some shopping and browsing and then headed up to Ogden to check into our hotel. Everyone else stayed down in Orem until that evening. After checking in, we got ready for the rehearsal dinner for the new bride and groom to be! 

The rehearsal dinner was at Tanner's grandparents house in their backyard. It was GORGEOUS! The decorations, the set up....everything was beautiful and so romantic! All the trees were wrapped with twinkle lights, so when the sun went down it was SO darling! It seriously was so beautiful! When I get my own house, I want a backyard like theirs! And wouldn't you think if I loved it so much I would have gotten a picture? yup, well I didn't. I was too busy trying to make sure my son wasn't touching or taking anything down ahahah oh well, I have the memory right?! The dinner was super delicious, they served spaghetti and salad and had dessert after as well. Toasts were given and it was such a great night filled with amazing people! No sooner had we finished the dinner and toasts did it start to rain. It started off as soft little drops and then we blinked and it was a downpour! 
you can't really tell from this picture, but it was coming down so hard that the water was going over the curb. When we left the dinner to get to the car, it was as if we had been in the shower! Our hair, clothes...EVERYTHING was soaked! haha It was pretty awesome! The plus only rained that day and the next day was GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! After the dinner we headed back to the hotel and I dropped off Presten and Breck to hang out with Jared. I changed my clothes, and then Tianna and I headed to Kim's Bachelorette night!!!! 

 Trisha, Kim's other best friend, was in charge of the party. It was held at Tanya's house (Kim's oldest sister) and we played all sorts of games! The first game we played was pin the kiss on the hunk! haha 
We had a blindfold, were spun around multiple times and then had to try to pin the kiss where we thought it belonged...hahah needless to say it got a little interesting lol 

Another game we played was where Trisha had asked Tanner a whole bunch of questions prior to the night. She would read the question, and Kim had to give the answer that Tanner would have given. Haha it was pretty awesome!

Everyone enjoying their DELICIOUS desserts that Kim's sis-in-law Alli made!

She kinda loved our SuperMan lacy underwear Tianna and I got for her...we are that good haha

 After all the fun we left the girls and headed back to the hotel. They all stayed the night at Tanya's. 
We got back to the hotel and Breck was still up (11:00pm) playing cars with the boys. Obviously the boys were having way too much fun together ha They did tell us that they took him swimming at the swimming pool and about froze to death! They said it was SO cold, there was no hot tub and it was as if the pool had no heat at all! What great guys to take Breck swimming none the less! I had to laugh though because they said while they were down there, one of the other guests could not stop staring at Breck and kept commenting on how cute he was and just kept going on. Well they said their biggest concern was that everyone down there kept thinking they were a Gay couple! hahah Breck obviously looks way more like Jared than he does his daddy, with the blonde hair and blue eyes, and both Presten and Jared were wearing their wedding rings and both hanging out with Breck, that they were pretty sure everyone was thinking that Breck was "theirs" bhahahah Tianna and I got a good laugh out of that one, that's for sure!!!!!

The next day we got ready and checked out of the hotel and made our way to the temple. Poor bubba boy was teething, so we had to make a quick stop at walmart for some medicine to help with the pain. My sis Tanessa was SO awesome and watched him for me while we went inside the temple for the sealing. What would I do without my family? They are always so great to take Breck and help out when I need them! Thank goodness for family! The sealing was BEAUTIFUL!!! I def got teary eyed, and seeing how happy Kim and Tanner were, and their smiles and just everything....oh it was just so AWESOME! It seriously could not have been more perfect! What a perfect day, filled wonderful memories! I love them and am SO SO happy for them! 
After the sealing we all headed outside and waited for them to make their big appearance!!! 
As you can tell Bubba was SO ready for his nap! That's ok though, Daddy loves the snuggles!

Nani and Du-ed

Here is the GORGEOUS bride with her sisters!
From Left to Right:
Kellie, Kim, Chancie & Tanya

Love these girls!

Here's all the siblings together!
Left to Right again:
Kellie, Chase, Chancie, Kim, Tanya, Marcus, Lucus & Brian
After all the family, and bridal party pictures, then the bride and groom headed off for their one on one pics! The rest of us headed out to get some lunch and take a rest and then head to Layton for the reception. 

The reception started off with the ring ceremony which was so BEAUTIFUL and awesome! Again the decorations were just gorgeous, and set the mood for everything! After the ring ceremony there was some time in between for some more pics and some down time before the reception began. From there, we had the cutting of the cake, the bouquet toss, the garter toss and then the dance party! Then the bride and groom were sent away with a sparkler send off! It could not have been a more perfect day for this couple!!!
the bride with her bridesmaids! We are pretty freakin' adorable if I do say so myself!

I even got my hubby to come take some pics with me! 

I go to be sweet and kiss him...and he rejects me! Story of my life lol 

The Farley's with Kim!

We love these two lovebirds!!!!

This is my best friend Kim, I heart A LOT!!!!
Thank you for being so AMAZING and for all that you do! Thanks again for letting me be apart of your magnificently special day! I love you tons and so so happy for you and what the future holds for you Mrs. Kimberlie Hughes!!!!!!!!

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