Saturday, September 19, 2015

Brandon & Beyleigh's Open House

On September 19, we had Brandon and Beyleigh's open house here in Durango, CO. Tianna, Jared, Brandon and Beyleigh all traveled down together from Utah for the open house. They got in late Friday night, and had to leave Sunday, it was a quick short trip, but we were happy to have them even if it was short! Saturday morning we woke up super early and the boys all went over to Aunt Suzy and Uncle Tracy's to help them move their tree house over to the garden area as their shed. The boys pulled it off! Woohoo!

They used the backhoe and the skid steer to move the house, what talented men we have!

Breck got to take a ride with Uncle Bran Man and was very happy!

The boys had their very own supportive audience!
Staysha, Tianna, Breck, Beyleigh and Tanessa

After the boys got the house in position we headed back over to our home and started setting up and preparing for the open house!

The dessert table

Mr & Mrs Burlap Sign that Brandon and Beyleigh made themselves...aren't they so crafty?

So many people came out to support them, and it was so great to see everyone! So grateful for all the love and support that these two have! We love you Bran & Bey!

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