Saturday, September 26, 2015

Ouray For A Day

On Saturday September 26, we got to head to Ouray, CO to meet up with Presten's mom. We got to spend all day with her and it was SO wonderful! Breck loved being able to have some one on one time with his Gram Gram, and we were happy we got to see her. This year has been super busy and we haven't been able to see her as much as we would like, so being able to have a full day with her was just what we all needed!
The drive up from Durango was beyond GORGEOUS! The colors were starting to change and it was so beautiful!

Look at how gorgeous the colors were! Such a great family drive!

When we arrived we walked main for a short little bit, and then headed over to a restaurant for lunch. We at a place called Maggie's Kitchen. They have the BEST Green Chile Cheeseburger, it even made the Denver Post! Lunch was super delicious and I'm glad we gave them a try. After lunch we made our way to the Hot Springs. We spent almost 4 hours there and had a BLAST! The water was beyond perfect! It was so relaxing, I just wanted to take a nap in the water! 

After swimming for hours we took Breck to the park to play. Needless to say, he absolutely loved the whole day!
Daddy trying to teach Breck to rock climb.

He wasn't so interested in the rock climbing, but was all about climbing the poles to get to the slides!

Riding the seal!

He loves his neigh neigh's

Breck and Gram Gram

After playing at the park we headed over to the fish pond, and fed the fishies and shared a caramel apple. 

Feeding fishies with Gram Gram

After feeding all the fishies we walked main some more and checked out all of their super cute shops. One store we looked at was Gator Emporium, which was Mike's (Presten's Dad) favorite store in Ouray. It was super cool and they have some amazing and unique things to sell. The other store we looked at that I really liked was an all Swiss Store. They had all sorts of decorations and puzzles all from Switzerland. They even had these AMAZING trains and trucks all made out of wood. There is a gentleman in Montrose that makes them and he's so great at them! They were so awesome! Some were even puzzles. It was such a cute little store! 
After window shopping we made our way to Goldbelt Bar & Grill and enjoyed some super delicious pizza! We got a cheese pizza, but I really enjoyed it. You could taste the herbs and garden fresh veggies in the sauce. It was really good! 

We had SUCH  fun day filled with great memories! We were bummed we had to say goodbye to Gram Gram, but we were happy we got to spend the day with her. Not even 5 minutes into our drive back home I looked in the back and Breck was PASSED out! Poor little guy had SO much fun all day that we didn't have time for a nap, so when we got in the car he took that chance to get a nice long nap in! Yay for family outings!

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