Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September in General

So, the first weekend in September was of course Brandon and Beyleigh's wedding. After getting home and unpacking we decided to take a few days to have some fun relax play time! 

Wednesday September 9, We went to Santa Rita park and had a great mommy Breck day! After the park we headed home for nap time, and then our cousins from Tennessee came to Durango and we got to visit with them! 
Breck and Teyla had a BLAST together!!!
Kaylee found a new snuggle buddy with Honey!

Teyla and Breck took turns watering the concrete and then splashing all over in it. They were amused by it for what seemed like forever! 

Kaylee even joined in on the water fun!

After some water fun, these two headed over to the ramp and ran up and down waving their arms and making all sorts of noises!

Running up and down obviously wasn't fun enough, so they would run up the ramp and then slide down on their stomachs! Yay for dirt right?! All I can say is thank goodness for baths!

When it came time for goodbyes we told them to give hugs and kisses! The hugs were SO cute!

Kisses....well Breck was all about those kisses and Teyla was not interested at all so Breck ended up kissing the air hahaha it was SO funny! You can tell by her face she is thinking, this is NOT happening ha

Kaylee gave him some sweet hugs and kisses too!

We had SO much fun with the cousins and so glad that they got to come and visit us! 

Friday September 11, was the first Durango High School Football game that we got to go to this season! Presten let Breck pick out what jersey to wear. He had two options. A brown and yellow one for the Wyoming Cowboys, or a blue and orange one for the Denver Broncos. Breck chose the Wyoming one and was beyond THRILLED to go and watch some "otball" as he calls Football!

Look at that face! He is ready for the night! 

He got to sit by the Miller Middle School football players that were wearing their jerseys. He was pretty happy to be a big boy like them!

This is what happens when we put him down on the bleachers when he thought that we were going bye-bye! What mean parents we are ha

When it got cold out we went to put Breck's sweatshirt on so he wouldn't get cold. He threw the BIGGEST fit! Screamed, tried to pull it off, and was all sorts of upset. The reasoning, was that the sweatshirt covered up his jersey! So, we took the sweatshirt off, put it back on and put the jersey on over it and then he was one happy camper! He is only 2 and already has a huge opinion when it comes to his clothes!
Love my little family and football games! 

The next day, Saturday September 12, the La Plata County Airport had a huge Aviation Celebration! They offered free lunch, and had ALL sorts of planes, helicopters, motorcycles, and airport equipment for the kids to climb on and inside and to check them all out! It was such a fun event! 

Breck was somewhat interested in the planes but he was all about the dadu's!

We spent 2 hours at the airport checking everything out, and then enjoying lunch and topping it off with some delicious snow cones!

After the airport we headed home for some naps, and then to take our airplanes we got from the airport, outside for some fun!

What a great Saturday with my super cute boys!!!

The next day, Sunday, was the Broncos football game! So of course we had to wear our jersey's to support our team! It worked, because they won!! 

Breck found some eye stickers and was quite entertained by them instead of the football game! I love this goofy little face!

Monday September 14, we got to celebrate Ivy Avarell's 2nd birthday! We headed over to Doey's house (Ivy's grandma) and got to join in some bubble fun! Makena threw a grand party like she always does, and the kids loved it! She fed everyone, and had all sorts of bubble machines, and bubble making! The best part that the kids loved was the Hot Tub that they got to play in at the end of the night! Happy Birthday sweet Ivy! Thanks for a great bday party!!!!

On our way over to Ivy's bday party, Breck decided to show us how he could be our very own Popeye!

How many littles can you fit in a hot tub?!

The Avarell's know how to party!

Preston LOVED the bubbles! haha

Breck and Zoie

After a super fun filled night we got home, got ready for bed and the best way to end the night was have some daddy breck snuggle time!

The next day I woke up and cleaned the house and my cute little man was such a big help! 
He took care of the vacuuming for me, and well wouldn't let me touch the vacuum at all! So, the dining room was SUPER clean because he mostly just stayed in one area ha 

I just hope he continues to love cleaning as he grows up, I would really love the help!

Thursday September 17 and Friday September 18, we spent both mornings and afternoons in the forest. This kiddo LOVES to be outside, and being able to walk through the forest is too much fun for him! Our first stop in the mornings is always the Morton Building, because that's where all the dadu's (tractors) are. We spend a good 20-30min in there just looking at the tires and walking around them to look at every single thing on them! It's his addiction really haha

Breck calls this big truck the BUS!

Breck and his Dadu's!

Pure Joy!

We walked over to see Dana & Papa. He wanted Papa to play trucks with him, but unfortunately Papa wasn't feeling good so we would have to come back another time. Breck was super sad, but finally came to terms with it and went outside and walked with buddy for a little bit. 

Friday night after Daddy got home we decided to make it a Friday Fun Night! We made some homemade pizza and watched a family movie!
Breck got to help Daddy make the dough! Daddy was afraid he was going to make a HUGE mess so we stripped him down to his undies so it was easier clean up after ha 

Look at them go! The pizza was AMAZING, SOO good and it was super fun to have a night all about family fun!

Monday September 21, was FHE night (Family Home Evening) so we found a cartoon that explained the story of Mormon and the Title of Liberty. After watching the scripture cartoon, Daddy and Breck went outside to find a stick and grabbed some cloth to make our very own Title of Liberty!

Making the fabric party of it!

Here's the finished product! Aren't they so amazing?! Daddy is so good at making FHE lessons so fun for Breck!

After the lesson portion we made some homemade funnel cake for dessert! 

He's kind of a master at like everything!

Look at that pure deliciousness! 

 The rest of the month we have just made sure to have some fun! We have been SO busy this summer that I wanted to relax and have some fun play time with my little man that has been the best trooper ever!!!

He loves shoes, and really likes to walk around the house wearing Daddy's big shoes!

We had a super fun play date with Lydia at the park! These two play so well together! And having a park play date worked out great, because it helped to put Nicole into labor haha She had her baby girl Rhylen the next morning at 6:00am and said our park play date helped to put her in labor lol Look at us go!

Sunday September 27, we spent the day decorating for halloween, coloring with sidewalk chalk, racing bikes and getting to watch the blood moon. 
Daddy wearing Breck's "iman" (spiderman) hat! 

Decorating for halloween!!! 

Breck "caillou" (coloring) on the sidewalk

He was all about racing bikes with his Honey!

When it got dark enough outside, we got to watch the blood moon eclipse happen with Sessa, Honey and Papi. 
Since it was so dark outside when I took the pictures of these two with the flash, this was what we got!

None of us could keep our eyes open!

Finally, got one with my eyes open, Presten...not so much hah

Our very own halloween undie thug! 

He really likes the halloween lights we got from Aunt Sweety!

Wednesday September 30, we finally had to upgrade our sweet boy from his crib into a big boy bed. After 3 days in a row of him climbing out of his crib Presten and I felt that it would probably be safer for him to climb out of a bed than his crib haha this kid has no fear and is our little climber! He has been amazing! He LOVES his bed so much! Nap times are great, and for the past 3 nights he has slept in his bed ALL NIGHT LONG! He seriously is SUCH a good boy! It was a bitter sweet moment for me. It was exciting that he is in a big boy bed now, but so sad that he is not my little baby anymore. He is growing up way too fast and I just got all sorts of emotional over it. Thinking about how I will never have these small moments with him again makes me super sad. Today I spent all day just watching him and trying to take in everything he does and holding on to that and hoping that I will never forget it! He listens SO well and is such a great helper. Whenever we get ready to do something, or go somewhere, he always runs into the living room where his toys are and starts singing, "cean up, cean up" (clean up, clean up" and picks up all his toys and puts them away. He knows that before we can do anything else we have to clean up our mess. He is seriously so great! I'm going to miss all the words he has for everything...his latest words are:
Gaku - Crackers
Yight - Light
Sassu - Leaf
Sa-U - flower
Sa-U aa you? - Flower where are you?
Get you - what he says when he wants to play chase
Catch you - Wants you to catch him at the bottom of the slide
Did it! - he did it! Whenever a truck is hauling something like a trailer or RV he always looks at us and says, "look, see did it!!!"
Hold you - When he wants you to hold him
Stinky - poop
nones - noses (eskimo kisses)

The other day in walmart he was sitting in the cart and kept saying, "hold you" so I would step forward and while he was still sitting in the cart he would lean forward and just hug me and pat my back. He did that a couple of times and just wanted to give me loves. It was seriously the cutest thing ever! I'm going to miss moments like that! I know that as he gets older, he will still love me, but he won't want to cuddle and snuggle as much, and will he always give me loves and kisses or will he grow out of that stage too? Right now, I am his hero! I can make anything work, fix anything and kiss any owie better! I know that that will change, and he will grow up and eventually won't need his mom anymore....maybe it's the pregnancy hormones, but it just makes me sad to think that the will grow up and that he and I will lose the extremely special bond that we have now, well I guess won't lose but it will change. Change is hard, especially when you have to think about all the things that my son will have to face and learn in his life and to know that I can't and won't be able to fix everything. All I can do is love him to pieces, and cherish EVERY SINGLE moment I have with him. Maybe that's why I take so many pictures and videos, I never want to forget anything or miss a moment in his life! I love him to pieces and am excited for him to grow, but also just wish he could stay my little minion forever! I hope he will never forget the love that his Dad and I have for him, and for the amazing blessing he is to our lives! I don't know what we would do without him! 
We love you Breck Guy!!!!!
Breckers with his new bed! He was SUPER excited about the "roars" above his new bed! 

He loves smashing his face against the screen and making silly faces at me!

Playing otball with his Daddy! He can't wait until Dad gets home from work! That's when he knows that they will get to play baseball, football, catch, running, cars etc! He loves to play with his Daddy! In case you didn't know, standing with your legs apart like Breck is doing, is the ONLY way you can catch the football! Who knew?!

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