Monday, September 7, 2015

The First Week in September!

Monday August 31st Breck and I spent all day hanging out at home. My mom and Aunt did some shopping, siblings had to work, and the kids had school, so we took the time hang out and have some one on one time and relax after all the parties! 

he was happy with the mommy and me time, but he was BEYOND excited when Gack, Phia and Ily came home from school! He greeted them all with big hugs and then took them straight to the toys to play!

Tuesday September 1st, Breck and I got to meet up with my besties from college! We met up for lunch at Thanksgiving Point! We ate at the Deli Tower and got so spend a couple of hours catching up! These girls are the greatest! We can go months on end without talking every day, but as soon as we are together it's as if we have never missed a beat! They are the most amazing, and I am SO glad that we got to spend time with them! I love these ladies and am SO happy for the amazing lives they have been blessed with!
Maddi with Ashley's baby girl Remi!

These girls are so cute! I love them!!!!

Wednesday September 2nd, we spent the day shopping for wedding items. We found Breck's tie and got the cake cutting utensils for Bran and Bey. After getting the little items we needed Tianna headed to the bachelorette night for Beyleigh. They went classic skating, and I figured being pregnant and all it was safer for me to not go skating and hurt myself lol So instead Bran, my mom, Breck and I headed to the dollar theatre and watched TomorrowLand. It was a fun way to spend the evening with my bro!
Breck sat in a booster seat, Honey got him his own popcorn and gummies! He looked like a big boy and did a GREAT job! He likes his movies!

The bummer part of the night was when we got home. This little guy was teething...yes he decides to teeth every time we go on a trip! It's like clockwork ha So after the movie, he didn't feel too good and the only way he would go to sleep was if I was rubbing his back. It worked, he fell asleep and slept all night and woke up way happier and feeling a lot better! I love being his mom and being able to make him feel better! He is my little angel!

Thursday September 3rd, Breck and I headed down to Riverwoods in Provo and met up with my cousin Jessica and her two boys Landon and Emerson. We spent almost all afternoon visiting and letting the kids play in the splash pad. They had SO much fun together, and played great together! 
We got there kind of early and so Breck and I went to the provo surf and found the arcade room. Breck found the car and of course was taken with the red car! We got some pineapple dole whip as a little treat and then headed outside to the water!

Yup, I taught my son the kissy face! I'm cool like that haha

In no time, he went and found himself two girls to be his friends! They thought he was super cute and they had so much fun!

Breck and Landon

Emerson and Breck

In between water play time we of course had to take a break for snacks! Yay for Applesauce!

We had so much fun at the splash pad and I'm so glad that we got to spend some time with my cousin and her kids. Thanks for the super fun play date Jay! It was a nice relaxing afternoon! 

That night, I stayed up until midnight with my mom and we waited for the arrival of my Dad, sis Tanessa, and my hubby!!!! I hadn't seen him for a WHOLE week and was SUPER excited to see him! They arrived safely and we were all SO happy to see them! The next morning, Breck woke up and was SUPER stoked to see his Daddy. He climbed over me, to get to Presten, put his head down on his chest and just kept saying, "awww my daddy!!!!" and kept loving him. Then he would grab his face and put their noses together and then lay his head down again and say, "mom see, my daddy!" it was the CUTEST thing ever and so heart warming! Made me a happy mom that's for sure!!!!

Friday September 4th, we spent the day running errands before the big day on Saturday. That evening Bran and Bey planned a big get together at a park in Orem where both sides of the family could all get together for a volleyball game and kickball game and get to visit with everyone that came to town for the wedding.
Earlier during the day I put Breck down for a nap and went in to check on him. I found him like this. He had climbed out of the pack n play and couldn't open the door and eventually fell asleep on the floor! hah he is such a goof!

Tianna and Jared brought their slack line for people to try, and Janelle did it! Go Janelle!

Even Lily gave it a try!

Breck was all about the kickball game! This little guy LOVES to run and they even let him kick the ball and then run to the bases! He had a blast! and if he wasn't running, he was laying down in the dirt! Yay for boys!

These boys played kickball with no shoes...they are brave souls!

We had so much fun watching them play sports! While they played sports, we sat and watched them from the sidelines and enjoyed some delicious popsicles! We are just that awesome! What a great way to end a great day, and to prepare ourselves for the big day ahead of us!!! YAY for weddings!!!!

Saturday September 5th,  was the big wedding day!!!! I only got a few pics since we were so busy, so I will do another post of the wedding with more pics when I get my hands on them. Brandon and Beyleigh were sealed in the Payson, UT temple, and if you have not been there you NEED to go! It is SO gorgeous! It was so fun to get to see everyone that came into town for these two. Uncle Rusty, Aunt Eva, cousin Matt his wife Lori and their girls Teyla, and Kaylee came all the way from Tennessee! Randy and Tammie Ash came in from Durango, CO. Jared Ash (their son) came down from Logan, UT, The Masterson's, Wither's, Waite's and Kim & Tanner Hughes from Orem all came. Dana & Papa, The McBride's and The Tuck's all from Durango, CO came up. There are so many more that came to support this cute couple and we can see them in the wedding pics. It was SO great to have so many people come for their wedding! The sealing that took place was SO beautiful! The things he told them, and the spirit that was felt was so great! Brandon and Beyleigh reserved the biggest room they had, and they had so much love and support that they had quite a few people standing because there weren't enough seats! The sealer told them that they have had quite a few people reserve that room thinking they would have a ton of people, but that they can never fill the room. They were the first sealing the filled all the chairs and still had people standing! That's how much people love these two! Tanessa and Lindsey, Ammaron's fiance, ended up taking care of all of our littles! I felt bad because mine was a little brat to his Aunt Sessa, but they got it figured out and handled, thank goodness! After the sealing we all headed outside to wait for the new Mr. & Mrs. Farley to come out!
The newlyweds!!!! YAY Beyleigh's dress was PERFECT and they seriously just make an adorable couple!!!!

After they came out we got a whole bunch of gorgeous pictures of everyone, the families, the bridal party and the couple! 
I even scored this ADORABLE one of my handsome boys! I'm one lucky lady! They are SO cute!

After pictures we all headed to an El Salvadorian restaurant in Provo, called El Mexsal for pupusa's lunch!  
Upon arriving I saw Bran's roommates/groomsmen all show up on their motorcycles and couldn't pass up a prime picture moment! With them all being matchy matchy, and riding was a picture perfect moment!
L to R: Cute Mike, Justin, Boom Boom and Sam

After lunch we headed home for a small breather and then made our way to the event center in Springville, UT to set up for the reception. Everyone arrived on time and we had a great night!!!
We got a cute pic with my bestie Kim and her new hubby Tanner! I heart these two...they are kind of my favorites!!!!

At the end of the night they posted this on their big screen outside on the highway so people could see who's wedding was celebrated that night! 

Sunday September 6th, was a relax kind of day! We went to church, came home and just enjoyed the day with family and good food! While the adults sat outside and visited, the kids decided they needed to make a train inside. 
Sophie was the conductor, and she had treats/snacks for all the riders, and stuffed animals were her passengers along with anyone else who wanted to ride! Breck had WAY too much fun! It was so cute! These kids are just the greatest!!!!

That night we all gathered in the living room and watched the slideshow that Tianna made for Brandon and Beyleigh! It was a great relaxing day after being busy the day before with all the wedding fun!
Daddy and Breck cuddle time! 

Breck was SO tired but did not want to go to bed by himself, so he finally just fell asleep on Daddy's chest. He was definitely missing his Daddy and didn't want to leave him haha so precious!

The next morning Monday September 7th, was labor day, so that was our travel home day. Before leaving, we received this letter from the girls. It says, "Bye Farley's! We will miss you guys. We will always love you! From the Watie's!" Is that not the greatest goodbye note?! I am SO grateful for my Aunt Katrina and Uncle Bryan! They let us invade their home for a whole week, and to have their kids to play with Breck and love him so much is just so wonderful! They opened their house to us and took care of us, and I am forever grateful to them, for EVERYTHING they have done and continue to do for us!!! Thank you WAITE family! We love you SOOOOO much!!!!!
Traveling home Breck decided to use his fruit leather on his face instead of eating it...

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