Saturday, October 31, 2015


This year Halloween was on Saturday which worked out perfect for us! We were able to spend the whole day doing Halloween fun!

Our very own climber!!!

We got ready and got Breck in his "ida-man" costume, grabbed his two trick or treating buckets and headed over to Aunt Sweety and Uncle Tracy's. We got to spend all day with them and it was a complete BLAST!!!!!

Mommy and her adorable spider man!

I did my makeup to match Breck's I was Spider-man's mom! I was super stoked they turned out so good!

Love my little fam!

Our first stop was at Three Springs. We got there right at 11:00am which was the perfect time to go. Breck got to check out the fire truck, or "wee-ooo" as he calls it. We then made our way down to look at the other activities going on. He then did some day time trick or treating around the neighborhood that they had set up, and then got to go to the bouncy castle!!!

He wanted to stay in the bouncy castle forever! He loves to jump! After Three Springs we headed to Old Tymers on Main for lunch and then headed home for a little bit for a small rest. After our small rest we got ready and got back in the car and headed back into town, this time to Main Street for the trick or treating on Main. We got there right when it started which was the BEST option, because there wasn't too many people out at that time yet. Once the streets started to get packed we headed up to the 3rd avenue and not many people were there either. By the time we were done trick or treating 3rd then the streets were FILLED with people! It worked out perfect! Going early beats the big mass, and allows for easy in and out access, and then when you are done is when everyone else is just beginning, so we planned that night just right!!! This was the first year we did Main Street and it was SO fun! We will definitely be doing main every year! What a neat thing for Durango to do!
All ready for our Trick or Treating!!!! We had an adorable group!

We passed a block that had some HUGE leaves and Breck thought those were the coolest things ever! So we spent quite a bit of time there playing with the leaves!

Others saw how much fun in the leaves he was having and decided that they needed to join in on the fun as well!

On 4th Ave there is a house that has the BEST decorations EVER!!!! They go all out and their entire lawn is decorated! 

This skeleton is the best. He is connected to a microphone and someone sits inside the house and has conversations with the kids and makes it personable and fun. The kids LOVE it!!!

One of our favorite houses to go to!!!

All bundled up and snug!

Having fun with Daddy's Ghost hat!
After Trick or Treating we headed back home and had Chili with cornbread for dinner, and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies for dessert and watched a Halloween movie together and then took Breck home to go to bed. It was a great day filled with amazing family and awesome memories!!! Thanks to the McBrides for spending ALL day with us! It was a complete BLAST!!!!!!

MY SIL Kristen sent me these pics of her and the kids for Halloween! Toby, Tay and Jordan. 

Layla, Toby, Tay and Jordan

She even did her makeup! Don't they all look so awesome! She's super talented! They look so cute! Wish they didn't live 12hrs away from us!

My Bro Bran and his Wife Bey...I have no idea what they are, but it's the funniest outfits ever! I'm a total fan!!! LOVE Halloween!!!!!

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