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This month I took on a project that was a lot more work than I anticipated! Some friends had an old swing set that they were getting rid of and asked if we wanted it. I of course said yes since Breck LOVES to swing! It was a little old and rusted, but nothing some paint couldn't fix. So I set to work! I bought all new screws and took the swing set apart and spray painted the whole thing and put it back together! I'm very pleased with how it turned out! Being pregnant and having a little toddler on my hands made it go longer than I anticipated, but I was SO glad to finally have it done and see the finished product! 

These are the two colors I used. I used 3 cans of the teal and 4 cans of the Almond


Doesn't it look amazing?! It turned out better than I expected it would and Breck loves it! Yay for spray paint and a little DIY work!

My cheesy lil guy and his "ogu" (yogurt)

Trying on hats in the store...he's such a stud!

This little guy is such a lover! While we were shopping he would say, "Daddy Hold You!" and then he would sit there and just hug/hold Presten for the longest time. It was SO incredibly cute! Pretty much made my heart melt!


Daddy was a little tempted to get Breck this uh sweet blazer haha

Breck thought it was a good looking jacket lol 

My cool baby! Could he be any cuter?!

October is never a good month unless you make Grandma Cook's infamous Peanut Butter Rolls! They are Presten's favorite! We also made Cinnamon rolls with Aunt Suzy and all of them turned out AMAZING!!!!!

Snuggles with his Shane!

This...This is what happens when your son sits on your lap and is too involved with what's going on around him to tell you he has to go potty! He goes potty on your lap and leaves you with a wet spot making it look like you are the one who had the accident! Can't you tell Breck is quite pleased with himself? lol ahaha I pretty much died laughing!

Bruce likes to be in the baby bump pictures! He makes the pictures look better anyways!

My handsome boys!

Out for a bike ride through the forest! He loves his bike!

Throwing rocks with his Daddy. Their favorite hobby together!

Loves him some soft blankets!

Taking a walk through the forest with my little man!

To cut his hair we turn on some baseball games on the iPad and he sits still like a champ. Sometimes Daddy gets caught up in the games too! 

Check out this rocking' stud on his bike with his "gages" (glasses)

I love my family days with my boys! Riding his bike on the river trail

Daddys little man!

Even Daddy likes to be a kid sometimes!

Dance Party with his Honey and Yessa!

Setting up for Halloween! Woohoo!

Breck liked the "pider" (spider) and kept trying to give it a ride on his head haha

One of Breck's favorite things to do when Daddy gets home is to play some "bball" When Daddy walks through the door, Breck runs straight to the toy closet and grabs his bat, ball and stand and gets ready for some fun with his Daddy! I love watching these two together! It completes me!

Checkin' out some tunes in Walmart! 

His "ida-man" costume for halloween! It is the cutest thing ever! He makes the cutest spider-man if I do say so myself!!!!

At the football game wearing his "bball" jersey haha football, baseball, basketball...they are all "bball" according to Breck. 

Elise, Anastasia, Sarah and Tanessa
These girls are all ready for their homecoming dance!

Breck loves to make faces with his Fishy! 

Since it's the month of October we HAD to make some fun October Crafts! We made 3 different crafts, and Breck really enjoyed all the painting he got to do!

He even convinced his Daddy to paint a pumpkin on his belly and he was more than thrilled to have a pumpkin!  

 Check out Daddy's amazing artistic skills!

Our finished product! Ghosts, spider, and frankenstein! Cutest crafts ever! Thank goodness for ideas from Pinterest! 

So mommy can't sit on the floor and play with Breck and his toys unless I have a pillow for my bum, well since mom has a pillow then Breck has to have a pillow too! It's the cutest thing ever! Now we both sit on the floor with pillows and play cars and he's a happy camper that we have the same thing!

He wanted to go play some "bball" with his Papi and walked all the way upstairs carrying his stand all by himself! He's getting WAY too big!!!!

Sticker faces!!!!!

My very own Super Breck!

He is such a character!!!!

He's so cute I could just SQUISH him!!!

Snuggles with his Aunt Yessa

I am such a proud mom! He has such a love of books and I'm so glad he enjoys reading, and continues to enjoy it as he grows up!

Playing with his Papi!

The snapchat app has this cool feature where you can put different faces and characters over your own face for videos and pictures. Breck is a HUGE fan of it and constantly asks, "I see Breck?" haha It's the cutest thing ever! With October being the month of Halloween, snapchat had some scary awesome faces that Breck was a fan of!

This one is my favorite! Makes his face sooooo chubby and I just can't handle it! Makes me laugh every time!

Story time with Daddy

Breck likes to snapchat with his Aunts and Uncles...

And Aunt Beyee responds with some pretty awesome snaps herself!

For Family Night we did some Pumpkin Carving! I made Home made pizza for dinner, with soda and some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for dessert! After dinner we stared on our pumpkins and watched Paranorman, as our Halloween movie! 
Yes, I put Breck in a super cute zebra apron because I'm such an awesome mom like that!

He wasn't too sure about his new outfit ha 

Daddy doing the prep work for the pumpkins!

Let the carving begin!!!!

Breck was such a great little helper!

Matching Aprons!

Our finished products!!!! Yes did McQueen and Daddy did Mater

Went into his room one afternoon to check on him during his nap time, and discovered that he had fallen asleep in the rocking chair. It looked like he climbed out of bed and was reading books to himself and fell asleep while reading. What a super cute kid! Precious moments like this make me wish he could stay little forever!!!!

Halloween this year was on a Saturday, so Friday October 30th Presten's work did a big costume day. They had EVERYONE at the bank dress up as minions!!!!! The Bank President was Grug and everyone else were his minions! Is that not the coolest thing ever?! Presten's original plan was to be a "Chippendales Minion" like the Chippendales in Las Vegas. He was going to wear a yellow shirt, yellow pants and to white cuffs on the wrist and a bowtie so it looked like he was a naked minion! He has some HILARIOUS ideas! Unfortunately we couldn't find any yellow pants to make it work, so his back up plan was to be a rocker minion and we gave him a sweet mohawk!

Breck was a fan of his "minin" daddy! haha 

Presten's department at work

Everyone at the main branch! Yay for Halloween!!!!

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