Saturday, October 24, 2015

Peanuts, The Great Pumpkin Patch Express

Saturday October 24th, we got the AWESOME opportunity to ride the Peanuts, The Great Pumpkin Patch Express Train Ride, all thanks to the Blake's! Thanks SO much to Brad & Janelle and Stewart and Nicole for the opportunity! It turned out to be the most FABULOUS day! We had a complete blast! What a great opportunity we have to be in Durango, CO and to have the DSNG Train to take part in! We met up at the train station and started off with the ride to the pumpkin patch.

My handsome boys! 

Waiting to ride the train!

cousinly love!

These two LOVED riding the train!

Kids and their blankets! Two cutie pies!

Breck was upset because he went to lay his head down and hit it against the window, so he was a little sad about his owie ha

They were all about their blankies!

Breck was "ida man" Spider man ha and Lydia was Elsa

The train ride was about 30min. After arriving at the pumpkin patch we had about 1hr 1/2 of play time! The first stop we made was to the maze where the kids got to find their way through and pick out their very own pumpkin to bring home! Breck and Lydia thought it was SO fun! They didn't want to leave the maze!

We found a super big pumpkin for bubba

After the pumpkin maze, the kids took their pumpkins to a tree and put their names on them so we didn't have to lug them around everywhere. After pumpkins we got to go and get our pictures taken with Snoopy and Charlie Brown.
Lydia & Nicole

Nicole, Lydia, Breck and I. Breck WOULD not get a picture alone, or even with Lydia, he had to sit on my lap, and only stayed there for a short while, I'm grateful we got this one! It turned out cute!

After pictures we got to go on a hay ride! Breck was SUPER excited to be riding on the trailer that was hooked up to the "dadu" (tractor). 

After the hay ride we went and checked out some games, a magic show, the bouncy castle, and an animal petting area. The littles had a complete BLAST!

Giving a try at bowling...Breck didn't quite understand the object of the game and just wanted to throw the ball down the hill ha

Playing soccer!

The peanut gang!

Bouncy Castle was a HUGE hit! They could have stayed in it all day!

After all the games, we decided that a nice face painting was needed! Breck was such a champ and sat so still! I was so impressed with him! He's just the cutest! I don't know how I got so lucky!

Sweet spider for my little spider man!

Blake Family Photo!

Our Family Photo! I love these two more than words could explain! They make my life so wonderful! I am so blessed to have them!

After the train ride, we all walked down main street and headed to Schlotsky's for lunch! We got some DELICIOUS sandwiches with some cinnabon cinnamon rolls for dessert! After lunch we went our separate ways, we went grocery shopping, su fun I know and then we headed home. What an amazing day we had! Thank you SO much for the amazing memories and fun! It was the best day!!!!! I love making memories with my little family! 

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