Monday, November 30, 2015


Well it was November 1st, and it snowed...if any of you know me, then you know that if it's going to snow then it needs to feel like christmas.
So this view....
Caused this action!
Decorated for Christmas! Presten came home that night and the first thing out of his mouth when he walked through the door was, "What in the world are you doing?!" He obviously had no idea, I probably should have warned him ha He is such a good sport though because he went ahead and helped us decorate the Christmas Tree!

Breck REALLY enjoyed decorating the tree. He ended up putting all the ornaments on the same two branches, that Presten and I had to disperse a little, but it was SO cute to see him so excited about it! 

This year Breck got to put the Angel on top of the tree!!! He thought that was so cool!

Our beautiful tree! After everything was on, Breck looked at the tree and screamed, "OOOOOH SOOOOO PRETTY!!!!!" hahaha it was the cutest thing! He may love Christmas just as much as his mommy does!

Family snuggles watching a movie after decorating the tree, and having some delicious dessert! 

Love this little man!

My brother in law Trent got me a bronzing gift for Christmas last year, I know I'm a year behind but I finally got it done! I sent in a pair of Breck's shoes and got them back and absolutely LOVE them! They are so cute! Now I have a pair of tiny shoes of Breck's to hold on to for forever! So cute!

Daddy and Breck dancing. Breck was trying to show Daddy EXACTLY what to do!

Wheel barrow!!! Breck thought this was the coolest! He is such a strong lil' guy!

After all that dancing and running around, snuggles with daddy were in order!

Breck and Daisy hanging out!

Breck had just woke up from his nap and had some PRETTY sweet hair!

Checking out the dadu with Sweety & Sane

Breck loves his Uncle Tratee, Aunt Sweety and Sane.

Breck's awesome photography skills with the camera. Smile Fishy!

Taking pics of his Sane

He loves his cheese! Yay for cheese quesadilla's

Coming back from helping daddy take the trash out. 

My handsome boys! 

Broncos fans through and through! Intensely watching the Broncos Game!

After a long day of shopping, we got in the car and he was passed out in a couple of minutes. He was so tired he was even snoring ha He stayed in this position for a whole hour without moving! My tired lil' man!

If you don't have snapchat, you are missing out! Breck LOVES snapchat because it puts different faces and things on your own face and he thinks that it is the best thing ever! I love seeing how much fun he thinks taking silly pictures is!

Breck has been talking a TON!!!! There are so many words and sentences that he is saying completely now! I'm not sure I am ready for him to keep growing up. This might be harder on me than I anticipated it to be ha. Some new words he added to his vocabulary are....
no - snow
noman - snowman
hut - hurt
tim ake up - Time to wake up
pank - spank
aww you - where are you
a boo - peek a boo
mommy/daddy do it - meaning he wants you to do something and not him ha
cean up everybody - clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere....
my tun - my turn
guck - stuck
bum & hooney - the way he says hooney is just the cutest! His little voice makes it beyond adorable! He is always trying to get people's hooney's. He is just too stinkin' cute! I can't handle his cuteness!

He knows people by their cars. He knows what car they drive and therefore knows who is at church, or at our house, all based off their car! He is definitely a car boy! I can't believe how big he is getting, and how fast time has gone by. I wish I could just video tape him 24/7 so I could save every memory! He is just so cute that sometimes I do just sit there and video tape him. I am a little obsessed!
He can say his prayers! He knows the order to pray in too. He starts off with Heaven Father, bless day, my food, Christ, Amen. haha which is Dear Heavenly Father, please bless this day, thank you for my food, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. It is seriously the cutest thing ever! He is using such big words and knows things! 

The month of November was our month to host a bunco game night for a group of ladies in the ward that like to play. We were in charge of the food, gifts etc. The bunco night took place Tuesday Nov 10th. 
Here are the gifts. We had 14 people and therefore had 14 gifts. With the way we play Bunco, everyone goes home with a gift. 
We had:
Hair Fusion Gift Card
Movie Tickets
Hand Soap
Soup Bowl with soup
Eye cream and Eye pads for puffy saggy eyes
Lotion/Body Wash with loofas
Hot chocolate with a chalkboard mug
3D cookie cutter set
Cupcake making set
Nail Polish kit
Dish towels with hand soap

Set set up 3 tables for everyone to rotate through, and each table had a bowl of chewy candy, and of course chocolate candy! For dinner we served us pulled pork burritos which were super delic!

For dessert I made German Chocolate cookies with coconut icing, and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies with cream cheese frosting. Everything was a hit, and we had a blast! It ended up snowing that night, but everyone was able to make it safely and return home safely as well. I twas a great night with great friends!

On Nov 20th, Honey, Papi & Yessa took Breck on the Polar Express. Every year they do a rehearsal Polar Express and the tickets are discounted and the funds go to a charity. So they took Breck while Presten and I had a mini date. We were in town for dinner and headed to the train to see them off! 
Ready for the Polar Express!!!!

Breck and Yessa with matching jackets!

Love this amazing man of mine!!!!

The Blakes, Brad, Janelle, Stewart, Nicole, Lydia and Rhylen were on the train as well and in the same cart so Breck was SUPER excited to have his cousin with him!!! It was a fun night for him, and a fun night for Presten and I. We went to dinner at Lady Falconburg. I was kind of disappointed with our food. I grew up going there, in High School it was a great place to eat! It has switched owners recently and the food just wasn't as good as it had been before. It was a big disappointment, but being able to spend some one on one with my man was still great! 

When Breck has the nerf gun Honey and Papi end up dead on the floor! He LOVED being in charge!

Along with reading Breck LOVES to "caillou" which also means color lol 

He would tell me whose name to write and then he would erase it and have me do it all over again. We can all tell who was on his mind today!

All bundled up!

Snuggles with Aunt Sweety

He then switched out Aunt Sweety with Fishy!

Riding the "moycle" (motorcycle) with his Papi!

haha his faces are the best!!!!

Hand Stands with Honey!!! 

Winter Hats on a snowy day!

We had a Harvest Hoedown ward party and The Primary was in charge of games. Suzy and I were in charge of a race car game, and Uncle Tracy made this AWESOME race track! After the party he gave it to Breck and he has been in HEAVEN!!! Every morning he wakes up and races his cars!

He for sure is a car lover!

Sticking his tongue out like the snapchat he saw of his Nani!

I have way too much fun with this cutie pie!

Lydia and Rhylen got to come over one night. We babysat, while Stew and Nicole went out and celebrated their anniversary. Breck and Lydia always play so well together and had a complete blast! 

Breck and Lydia giving Rhylen kisses! They are SOOOO sweet with her! It was super cute!

Doing flips in the air with Papi!

Daddy likes to tie him up in his blanket and see what he does! haha Silly Daddy!

We blew up our big queen mattress and set it up in the living room for a family movie night! All snuggled and ready for some movie time!!!

Yessa and Breck running through the house with blankets on their head! Tanessa used to do this with her blankets ALL the time when she was little. She would run as fast as she could and yes, she would run into the pillars and walls all the time! This time she was a little more cautious but you guessed it, she ran into the pillar and knocked herself over! hahah it was the BEST thing ever! We all about died laughing! Yay for Aunt Yessa who isn't afraid to be young and crazy with her bubba boy!

Setting up for christmas and Yessa decided she needed to wear the little kids dress ups for the nativity! It's just a tad bit tiny.....

Honey gave break some awesome socks!!! He was a definite fan of them lol 

Yes with the tree skirt wrapped around...she informed us that with her ensemble she felt like Mrs. Claus and showed us how Mrs. Claus would dance! haha 

Breck even found his own tree skirt to run around and dance in!

Bruce being an amazing little helper and vacuuming with mommy! 

He loves to vacuum! It's always Breck's turn when the vacuum comes out!

Before we left to Gunnison for Thanksgiving we got to go over to the Blake's and Breck got to get some play time with his Nani and Dued! He was one happy camper!!!!!

Playing Horsy with Honey!

Monday Nov 30th, for FHE we watched the Polar Express. This kid was GLUED!!!!! He has a HUGE obsession with trains to begin with, so a super fun cartoon that's all about a train and Santa Claus and was just too amazing! I don't think he even blinked once! He sat perfectly still the whole movie and was so involved with the movie! It was the cutest thing ever! He loved it so much we actually let him stay up until 9:00pm to watch the movie! Love him to pieces!!!!!