Sunday, November 29, 2015

Thanksgiving in Gunnison!

Wednesday the 25th, the day before Thanksgiving we made our way up to Gunnison. Presten got off work at 1:00pm and we headed out. A Huge storm was supposed to hit that day and we were hoping to miss it! Thank goodness we did! The roads were super clear, the sun was out and shining and we had blue skies! It was a great clear drive and Breck took his nap most of the way. He really is the greatest world traveler!!!!
His Old Man/Popeye face! 

Breck was very happy to be at Gram Gram's house with his Uncle Trent and Uncle Bryt!
The first thing he found was a cat box, that became his new toy for the week! He loved putting it on him and running around the house with it, and dancing with it, turning it into a name it he probably did it! 

Daddy found a train upstairs in the attic. When he brought it downstairs and showed Breck he FREAKED out! He started squealing and jumping up and down saying, "a train, a train! Daddy a train! YAYAY!!!" he was SO EXCITED it was the cutest thing ever! Like I have said before, this little guy LOVES his trains! 

Helping Daddy set up the train tracks!

We had Thanksgiving dinner at Punka and Grandma's house with Uncle Steve, Aunt Debbie and Stevie. This year we got a great treat! Stevie did all the cooking for dinner! It turned out delicious! Thanks so much for all the hard work you did for us! 

Breck had tons of fun playing with the cars and toys and trains that were there. 

He even found a new use for the tin bucket that held all the toys

After Punka and Grandma's, we headed over to Grandpa and Grandma Cook's to visit with them and for some desserts. She had 14 pies! We had lots of dessert we needed to eat!
The boys!

Look at those handsome men!

Breck petting Lady and talking with Grandpa


Breck and Aunt Marsha hanging out together

Breck and his friend (Nolan) He didn't know his name, so he kept calling him friend. It was adorable!

Breck and Uncle Trent playing hide and seek behind the curtains

Breck got Nolan to play behind the curtains with him as well! 
It was a great Thanksgiving filled with family! After all the eating we did we went home and slept off all of that delicious food!

Dancing with the cat box to Uncle Bryt playing the guitar!

The next day we headed to Walmart for some Black Friday Shopping! It was SO crazy, we weren't sure we were gonna be able to make it through the store! ha
I mean look at all those people!

Yup there was only like 8 people there haha

That's the parking lot! filled to the brim! hahah If ever you want to do some Black Friday shopping and not have to worry about missing out on anything, Gunnison Walmart is the place to go! They still had tons of inventory left over! It was nice!

Daddy found a broncos christmas hat for Breck while at the store...doesn't he make the cutest little bronco santa?!

After shopping we headed home and Breck and Daddy did some arts and crafts time with Gram Gram while I made some Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies.

They made some melted snowman ornaments! A super cute idea!

After arts and crafts Daddy and Breck played with their new remote control plane that Gram Gram got them. This became one of Breck's new favorite toys! He even knew how to use the controller all by himself! I can't believe how big he is!

We had a run in with one of the naughty cats. He was petting one of them and then Max, the cat, jumped up and bit him and scratched him. He was so sad. Cats are super naughty. 

He also had a run in with the plane. While controlling the plane, he ended up having it run into his face and got a nice battle wound from it. He kind of had a rough day that day...poor little guy!

Playing "instruments" with his Daddy and Uncles in the living room! Breck LOVED that everyone had an instrument and danced and laughed and thought it was the coolest thing ever!  

After playing instruments all afternoon we headed over to Grandma and Grandpa Cook's for a little bit and then headed to the cemetery to leave some flowers and say hi to Presten's Dad. It was the first time we had taken Breck to see his Grandpa. It's always so hard when I think about all the memories that Breck missed out on with his Grandpa, and how he never got to meet him. I know that he is in a better place, I just sometimes am a little selfish and wish that Breck got to know, experience and create memories with his Grandpa. Thank goodness that families can be together forever and that we will be able to have that opportunity. I'm so grateful that I have this knowledge for me and my family.
After saying hi to Grandpa, we made our way to Punka and Grandma's for left overs for dinner.

Breck found this SUPER awesome train at Punka's house. It's a vintage metal train, with metal tracks. Trent and Presten found that it was made sometime between 1939 and 1941 and is the COOLEST train ever!!! Breck loved it so much that Punka gave it to him. He said no one else really played with it and Breck had way too much fun with it that he said if Presten could fix it up and get it working it was all his. Well, Presten, Trent and Bryt were amazing and were able to fix it up and get it working and Breck was a HUGE fan!!!

Checking out the music box with Grandma. He loves music and instruments

Sharing his sucker with Grandma. What a sweet guy haha

After dinner the boys ran down to the man cave to watch some football and eat pie!

Aunt Debbie and Breck playing drums on the ground

The next day was a chill/relax kind of day. We spent most of the day at home watching Breck play and run around the house keeping us all entertained ha

Flying the plane with Uncle Trent

Breck and Daddy building a castle together!

While snap chatting Tianna I got this awesome pic! The next snap she said Jared was scratching his lip, but I believe he was def picking his nose hahahah best thing ever!!!!

wearing blocks on his toes!

Yup Daddy and his Uncles fixed the train and Breck was in HEAVEN!!! They are amazing! What a great gift to have! After a full day of resting, we headed out to Mario's for some delicious pizza and salad for dinner! 

Our cute fam!

After dinner we came home and had some more play time, and then watched a movie together!

Breck and Uncle Trent

Breck playing "bball" with Uncle Bryt. He would throw the ball, and Bryt would hit it and then Breck would yell, "Go Go!" Uncle Bryt would run and Breck would run around with him and then they would do it all over again! It was SO cute! He had so much fun with his uncles!!!

Kissy Face! I love his big old lips!

The next day we said our goodbyes and made our way back home. We left pretty early to beat the snow storm, and luckily we beat it! The roads were clear for the most part, just wet and we made it home before the snow hit. It was a great trip and we were glad we got to spend it with family! You can't tell from the picture but our car was PACKED with stuff! We went up there with a stroller and suitcase, and came back with a car load. Since we aren't going to be there this year for Christmas (we are with my family this year), we came home with so many presents...At one point Presten and I weren't sure we were going to make it home with everything haha We had to fold down all the chairs except Breck's and were able to make it home! Yay for a great weekend in Gunnison with the family and for our safe travels! HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!!!!

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