Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Day

I was so excited to see Breck's reaction to our gift that I could not sleep at all! I woke up at 4:00am and was STARVING! I asked Presten what time it was and he said 4:00am and I was disappointed cuz I couldn't get up THAT early! So then I would fall back asleep and think I slept for quite some time, so then I would ask Presten what time it was again ha basically I ended up asking him every 15min what time it was until it was 5:45am and then I got up and got in the shower while the boys stayed in bed and slept. I dried my hair and got dressed and then it was time for them to get up and get ready and then time for Breck to see his gift from mom and dad!!!!
Look at what Santa brought Breck!!!! He was a very good boy this year!


He walked right over and said, "Train Tracks!" 

Basically he played with this ALL day! He didn't want to open presents from ANYONE, all he wanted to do was play with his trains! Made me feel like I got the mom of the year award because it was his favorite thing all day! 

He even got a super cute conductor hat! 

He makes the cutest little conductor ever!

Everyone loved watching Breck and his reaction to the train set! Nani was definitely having fun playing with him

Opening gifts is very tiring apparently!

This is how everyone ended up after cleaning up after gifts ha

While Breck was distracted, downsized his train tracks and moved it to a corner so it wasn't in the center of everything ha

 After opening all our gifts upstairs we opened gifts from the Dickinson side of the fam. 
I got this AMAZING Santa music decor from Punka & Grandma! I LOVE it! It's so cool!

Presten got this super awesome and way unique Knight Nutcracker! He was very excited about it! Coolest thing ever!

Presten's mom gave him all the items that his dad had wanted to use to create a baseball shadow box. That gift was very touching and got the both of us all teary eyed, it was a very touching moment and one that we were grateful for!

 After doing our gifts we took Breck his gifts from them and had to try to convince him to leave the trains to open the other gifts ha yup, we got him a sweet gift!
This gift was from Punka and he was ecstatic!

He couldn't rip the paper off fast enough, and wanted Daddy to open it immediately!

It was a big Semi Truck, with a trailer and a tractor! Breck was completely in heaven!

He knew exactly how it worked and wouldn't put the tractor on or off the trailer without using the wheel ramps haha 

Punka knew exactly what to get Breck!

Aunt Debbie and Uncle Steve got Breck a Thomas the Train

And he knew exactly where that was supposed to go. He went and moved some trains around so that Thomas could be over the bridge lol 

Gram Gram got him a remote control jeep

And made him a pillow bed! Coolest thing ever! It has come in handy and he LOVES it!

Breck enjoyed it so much, he wanted his Papi to give it a try!

Gram Gram also got him a spider man light up toy along with a batman mohawk beanie!

He's kind of the greatest!

He kept using the remote to drive the jeep up the ramp

He finally did it and was very excited about it!
After all the fun gifts it was Breck's nap time and time for the rest of us to get ready for the day. My Mom, Dad, Tianna and Jared took my Abuela back home to Farmington while the rest of us got ready.

After they returned from Farmington we loaded into the cars and headed to town. A long tradition that we have is that Christmas Day we take goodie plates to the Fire Stations and Hospital to deliver to all those that have to work Christmas Day...a Thank you for all of their hard work. My Mom and I baked all the goodies on Wednesday so they would be ready on Christmas Day. 

Breck with is "fighter fighter" hat ha He LOVED checking out the BIG real life "wee ooo's" that's what he calls fire trucks

Nani even enjoyed wearing the hat!

Nani & Dued give me the greatest pictures ever! Breck was really enjoying the show they were putting on ha

I love him, I love him, I love him

After delivering the goodie plates we headed home and started cooking dinner. The Blake's all came over for dinner and we had home made chinese with some delicious home baked goods for dessert! No get together is fun unless you have a dance party with Breck and Lydia!

Breck was all about the Whip & Nae Nae and these two were HILARIOUS dancing!

Giving kisses to baby Rhylen

We had a great day filled with great family, memories and dancing! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT!!!!!

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