Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas Week

Sunday December 20, 2015 was Christmas Sunday and an exciting Sunday for us as well. Presten and I had the wonderful opportunity to give talks on Christmas Sunday. I was actually looking forward to it, as we got to really talk about the true meaning of Christmas and Christ's mission while on the earth. It was really a great topic and both Presten and I were grateful for the opportunity to get to speak about the Atonement of Jesus Christ and what it means to us around this time of year. It brought up a lot of special and precious memories for us about his Dad, who passed away around this time 3 years ago, and really prepared us spiritually for a great Christmas season. As always, before church I have to have myself a little photo shoot! The boys love it! Our family color this year was green.

Then after church, we had a little photo session with my mom, dad and sis. 

Breck wanted to be included in the photo with Papi & Honey

Aren't they adorable? Their color this year was blue. 
That afternoon, after our Sunday lunch/dinner, Tianna and Jared surprised everyone by showing up early! Breck was SO happy to have his Nani and Dued there! 

That night, we got to all participate in the Farley Family Tradition. Every Christmas we go caroling to a few families and take them goodie plates. This year, we had 7 families on our list, so it was quite the night, but it was SO much fun, as always! Sweety, (my aunt suzy) got Breck and Bracken cute reindeer antlers that light up. The boys thought they were pretty cool!

The flash on the camera was a little too bright for them, but look at how cute these two are! Our adorable little reindeer!

Monday, December 20, 2015:
For FHE Presten and I took Breck to go get his yearly picture with Santa Claus Done. We found our new favorite Santa! He is seriously the best EVER!!!!!!! He took his time with Breck, let him check out the toys, sat down on the floor with him, did everything he could think of to try to calm Breck down. He is just the greatest! Not to mention he looks like the real deal! He is at the Durango & Silverton Train Station! I don't think we will be going to any other Santa while we live in Durango! As you can tell from the pictures it was quite the ordeal for Breck to take a picture with Santa, and in the end we ended up with a very non traditional picture haha 
Santa trying to distract Breck with toys

The toys didn't work. As long as Santa sat down Breck freaked!

Santa then thought bringing a toy over would help make things better. He brought over a big monster truck which Breck thought was SUPER cool!

Unfortunately that didn't last long, and he freaked out so I had to go over and try to calm him down. 
We tried a few more positions after that, and in the end ended up with this gem...
Is this not the best Santa Picture you've ever seen?! Presten and I were laughing so hard when we saw it. It was just so perfect, because it depicts EXACTLY what happened. We had to pick that one, because it told the truth, and was just too awesome to pass up! You can tell that Santa is just done and doesn't know what else to do hahah

But don't worry, when Santa is not present he will smile a HUGE cheesy smile for the camera! He is such a little stinker! I'm starting to have that nice swollen pregnancy face! 

Tuesday December 22, 2015:
We woke up to some intense snow coming down. Monday night, super late, Brandon and Beyleigh got into town. Thank goodness they came when they did! The big snow storm started at around 2 or 3am and snowed ALL DAY LONG! There was SO much snow! Tianna, being super duper amazing, woke up and went straight outside! Her and Jared, snowplowed and shoveled all the snow on the decks, patios and even did my entry way! They were some busy snow bunnies for sure! Tanessa went out and helped them, and this was her super adorable outfit she wore to clear snow.
Isn't she so fashionable?! lol 

Tianna was out there so long that when she came back in she had an awesome snow chunk in her hair. It was literally frozen in her hair! That tells you what a hard worker she was hahah

That day we all headed into town to go shopping! What were we shopping for?! Well, this year Presten and I decided it would be super fun to try something new! We watch the Holiday Baking Challenge and think it's super fun! We thought it would be fun to do something similar with our family, and called it the Farley Bake Off Challenge! So we were split into teams, and given one ingredient that we HAD to use! Then we were able to draw a second ingredient, and then had the option to use that along with the first one.
The ingredients are as follows:
Brandon & Beyleigh - Caramel & Coconut
Jared & Tianna - Walnuts & Orange
Presten & Natasha - Chili Powder & Eggnog
Tanessa - Peanut butter & Raspberry
Dad & Mom - Mint & Cinnamon

We drew ingredients when we were all in Denver for Tanessa's dance competition, so we had time to figure out what we wanted to make, so today we were able to go to the stores and shop for all the rest of the ingredients we needed to make our desserts for the Bake Off!!!!
Breck being entertained at walmart with the coin collector. He was such a good sport while shopping with us!

Beyee & Breck! I love this pic!

After shopping all afternoon someone got SUPER tired and fell asleep in the car. When we got home he went down for his nap.

After nap time, he woke up and wanted some snuggle time with his Nani! So Nani and Breck read a Christmas book together! I love precious moments like this!

That night when Presten got off work we made our way into town to the Train Station. We needed to get our annual siblings Christmas Picture with Santa. Before heading in with the real Santa, we decided to get some fun snowy pictures with the big blow up Santa!

Nani, Breck & Dued

Bran Man & Beyee

Yessa, Bran Man & Beyee

Papi & Honey

We got our sibling picture, and Papi & Breck even got an ADORABLE picture together with Santa!

After our picture with Santa, we all made our way home and prepared for the Bake Off Challenge!

We grabbed all of our mixing tools and placed them on the table in the dining room. We set up two long big tables with bowls and supplies where everyone could have a work station, and then utilized both kitchens for all the baking!

My little Bubba Boy being such a good sport! We let him stay up pretty late to enjoy the festivities, and then when he was super tired tucked him into bed. He was such a good little guy!

I think we are ready!!!!!

The whole gang!!!!
L to R: Tasha & Presten, Jared & Tianna, Elise & Tanessa, Beyleigh & Brandon
Since the rest of us are married, and Tanessa is the youngest she got to invite her friend Elise to come and join in the fun for the evening! Yay for Elise! She takes care of Ness for us, so she's not alone!

love all of their silly faces. Pres and I didn't realize we were taking multiple pics so we stood there in perfect smiling pose lol ha

Check out that sexy apron!

Bey & Bran! Super Cute don't you think?!

Elise & Tanessa!

Jared & Tianna!

"Kiss The Cook"

Preggo Belly, and Sexy Hubby!

Check out those sexy melons lol 

He was losing one of his "boobs" ahaha

YUM!!!!!! BAHAHA  He is the best! This dream man of mine is perfect! Love him to pieces!!!!

Who knows what's going on one ever knows what these two crazies are up to!

Dana & Papa were our judges, but since we started cooking everything so late we planned for them to come the next day and do the judging. So we just decided to taste test everyone's dishes when they were done. We had my mom try to judge, but she felt bad and couldn't pick a winner ha 
Presten and I made Mexican Chocolate Chili Powder Cookies, with Homemade Eggnog Ice Cream topped with Whipped Cream and Nutmeg. 

Brandon & Beyleigh made Coconut Carmel Chocolate Bars

Tanessa & Elise made a Pretzel Peanut Butter Chocolate Cheesecake

The strudel right out of the oven...yum!!!

Jared & Tianna made an Apple Walnut Strudel with an Orange Julius Drink. 

Wednesday December 23, 2015:
Today there was TONS of snow outside so what better way to spend the day, than to go and play outside in the snow! Jared wanted to build a snow cave, and Breck wanted to build a snowman. Unfortunately the snow was WAY too powdery to build anything that would stick, but that didn't stop us from having some fun in the snow!
Breck & Dued

Love these peeps!

I love this squishy face SO much! I want to just hug him and never let go! He's getting SO big!

the whole gang! 
Dued, Yessa, Nani, Beyee and Breck

Trying to build a snowman, with no success haha

Breck & Nani making some sweet snow angels!

Bran got one of Papa's snowmobiles working, and everyone enjoyed riding around on that. 

We didn't have a great sledding hill, so Tianna and Tanessa decided to try to sled down the driveway. We didn't have any sleds, so they were trying plastic and cardboard from the trash hahah It was quite the site to see! They didn't get very far at all hahah

Breck didn't realize you needed a sled so he trie sledding down on his bum

Bran Man, Breck & Beyee

The girls decided to go and blow up our sleds so they could have some real sledding fun!

Breck was SOOOO excited to go on the "ride" with Uncle Bran Man! He didn't ever want to get off of it!

Loving their shades!

My love bug and I

See that person laying in the snow, being covered with the new wet fresh snow falling from the sky? Yup, that's Jared! He stayed there for quite a while until he was covered! hahah it was pretty awesome!

If he stayed any longer we may have lost him in the snow! lol 

No family get together is complete without a big dance party, you can thank Breck for this one! He LOVES to dance and his favorite is when others like to dance with him!!!!

Showing off his sweet moves!

Hip Hop Poses haha

Check out that sweet purple head band! He's kind of a stud!

After all the sledding, snow play, nap time, and dancing we got our desserts plated and ready to present to our judges Papa & Dana. We had dinner, and then they came over for the judging! 

We labeled what the desserts were, and what ingredients needed to be used in the dessert so they could make sure they could taste those ingredients in the dessert. We did not label who made what, and were going to tell them after they picked the winner. 

It was hard for them to pick, they said they loved everything! But they ended up picking Brandon and Beyleigh's dish as the winner! 

Jared rockin' Breck's monkey hat! I think it looks great on him! 

Tanessa and Tianna working on the Santa Puzzle. Another family tradition. Every year, they pull out a puzzle and throughout the week everyone works on it whenever they want to. 

Thursday December 24 & Friday December 25 were Christmas Eve & Christmas Day. All the photos and info on those are in separate posts.

Saturday December 26, 2015:
Today was a day that everyone was going to be together and get to spend all day sledding as a family! We unfortunately had a couple of bumps and hiccups and the day didn't go as planned, but the night turned out to be fun and enjoyable! We needed it after a rough day ha 
Jared woke up early and had to leave to go help his brother Stewart and Sis-in-law Nicole lay tile for their new house they are building in Bayfield. He ended up being gone all day, and we didn't see him until 5:30/6:00pm that night for dinner, so that was a bummer that his missed sledding. Sledding...that was a whole other hiccup in itself ha 
We were supposed to go sledding at 10:30am in the forest. We were meeting the McBride's there and whoever else wanted to join us. Well, getting out of the house, we didn't get out until 10:30am and then we realized that we hadn't blown up any of the sleds. So that took about 15-20min to blow up the sleds. 
Then we started to head to the hill, and had to stop at the barn because there was an issue with the backhoe and the snowmobile. The truck wouldn't make it through the forest to the hill because there was so much snow, so they had to wait until the backhoe was working again. Presten, Breck and I walked from the barn to the hill to get started with sledding. That was quite the walk! There was SO much snow! While at the hill, we could hear the backhoe and stuff in the forest. Well, come to find out, they tried plowing the snow and there was some miscommunication and they took the truck right behind the backhoe, instead of letting the backhoe plow through the snow 2-3 times. So then the truck got stuck, and the truck has BALD tires and they couldn't get it out. It took a while before they found a way that would work to get the truck unstuck. So by the time that the snow was cleared, the truck was unstuck and we all made it to the hill it was about 12:00pm. Everyone as a whole went sledding for 30min. Pres, Breck and I with the McBride's got to sled for 1hr 1/2 and then everyone was hungry, so we all headed home to make lunch. After lunch Presten and I put Breck down for his nap, while the two of us took a mini nap ourselves. The rest of the fam headed back out to the hill, and met up with my Uncle Tom and his brother-in-laws to do some more sledding. Since all the snow drama took place this morning, getting to the hill and having fun was way easier than we made it this morning haha At least now we have some good memories to look back on lol We were all angry at the time, but now we can just laugh about it ha 

My super cute snow bunny! 

Daddy & Breck ready for some fun in the snow!

This must be the life! I wish someone would pull me everywhere in a sled!

Getting Ready to sled down the hill! 

This is one steep hill!

There they go!

Breck had so much fun he wanted to go all by himself! So Presten and I being totally cool parents let him go all by himself! He was a champ! He loved it!!! Until he got to the end and realized he had to walk up the hill by himself, then he started to whine haha 

Daddy slid down the hill to get him and help him back up the hill! Breck has the best daddy in the world!

Daddy & Breck building a "noman" haha

We named the snowman Olaf!

Isn't that the cutest snowman?!

Daddy trying to teach Breck how to do a proper snow angel ha

Teeny Tiny Snow Angel!

Love this chunky monkey!

This poor little guy got so tired! He laid down in the snow and closed his eyes to take a nap.

Then he sat up and pulled Shane down next to him to take a nap with him, and then laid down again and closed his eyes haha who knew that snow could be so exhausting lol 

He even went over and snuggled with Daddy.

That night we went out to dinner at Macho's. After dinner we headed to the Movie Theatre and watched the show "Daddy's Home". After a day of mishaps, the evening turned out great and we ended it on a high note!
While waiting for the show to start, Yessa and Breck decided to ride some motorcycles!

Uncle Dued taught Breck how to do a "running pose" when he gets ready to run, so Breck was teaching Daddy how to get ready to run hahah

love these two!

Sunday December 27, 2015:
We all woke up and got ready and headed in to church. After Sacrament meeting everyone except Pres, Breck and I headed home to pack up and say their goodbyes. Presten was teaching and I have Primary and Breck had nursery, so we stayed. After church we got home and had lunch with everyone and then said our goodbyes and they made their way back home to Utah. It was a super fun eventful week! It was a great time with family, and now we all have to get back to reality unfortunately! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

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