Sunday, December 13, 2015

Competition In Denver

The weekend of December 11th-13th was my sister Tanessa's dance competition. Tanessa is a Senior in High School this year, so this was her last State Dance Competition in Denver. Her one request was that since this was her last year competing, the one thing she wanted was all of her siblings there to watch her! Tianna and Brandon told her that they wouldn't be able to make it and she was bummed about it, little did she know they had a surprise up their sleeves. Presten was able to get Friday off, so we woke up and left the house at 4:00am so we could get there and have a full day there. 
My awesome travel buddy! He has got to be the world's best traveler! He rocked a 7hr drive like a champ! 

When we got there we headed to the hotel the girls were staying at, which was supposed to be the same hotel we were staying at....that didn't quite work out ha So we get to the hotel and my mom calls Tanessa to ask her what they were up to and how things were going. We all snuck upstairs and headed to her room number. We spent a good while standing outside her door and knocking, waiting for someone to come answer. No one came to open the door. So my mom asked what room number she was in and she ended up being in one of her friends room so we all snuck over that way ha The door was propped open, but Tianna knocked anyways. Tanessa responded with, "The door is open" in a very sarcastic and obvious voice ha she was thinking it was one of her peers lol Tianna opened the door and Tanessa saw Tianna, Jared, Brandon and Beyleigh (She knew Presten, Breck and I were coming) and she FREAKED!!!! She was SO surprised and excited that she was crying and jumping up and down! It was the BEST surprise and she had no idea they would be there! It worked out perfectly! 

So for the hotel hahah Well when we got there, 10:30/11:00am we headed to the hotel, same one the dance team and cheer team were staying at. Well it was like in the ghetto! On the other side of the tracks, and looked a little sketch. When you walked inside it REAKED of marijuana! It was hot and just so gross! We came to find out that one of the cheer moms had found bed bugs in her bed and put them in a jar to show the staff. The girls said that the night before they were all SO hot! Tanessa had gone down to the front desk telling them that she thought their AC was broken because the room was not cooling down. The lady informed her that the whole building was on a central air system. You could control how much air came into your room, but you couldn't control the temperature of that air. She told them they could open a window and see if that helps. Tanessa tried that and the window only opened wide enough to fit your forearm through! So basically no air flow whatsoever! The best part... they are a marijuana friendly hotel. There was an entire floor that approved marijuana smoking! So yup, that one floor inside the hotel where you could smoke circulated that air through the WHOLE hotel because it was all central! I couldn't believe it! Needless to say we def didn't stay there! Thank Goodness! It was SO gross! The bummer part was that we didn't get our new hotel rooms until 6:30pm. So for 7 hours we got to try to come up with fun things to do until we could get a hotel ha We did end up getting a Homewood Suites/Hampton Inn Hotel located on 15th Street in Downtown Denver which was SUPER nice and located across the street from the 16th street mall, which turned out to be epic! The hotel was classy, the rooms were way nice! They had cute seats in the lobby with HUGE glass windows and glass fireplaces where you could sit and drink complimentary hot chocolate and watch the snow fall outside! It was magical! I was so grateful to be in this new hotel, where all the fun shops and restaurants were all walking distance and a block or two away from the hotel. What a fun experience it was!

While waiting for our hotel rooms we did some shopping and Jared found a sweet santa beanie!

Breck joined in on the fun!

The middle of 16th street mall. It was an ALL outdoor mall, with a tram that carried people from end to the other making stops on every block. It was SO cool! We hope to be able to go back again and do stuff that we didn't get a chance to experience this time around. 

Aren't all the lights so magical?!

My little fam bam!

Breck catching a free ride on daddy's shoulders! 

Uncle Bran Bran and Breckers!

Nani and Breck are from the hood!

Breck found Uncle Dued's hat and decided he was going to keep it!

Cool Baby right there!

on the 16th street mall they had a free ice skating rink. If you had your own skates completely free! If you needed to rent it was like $2.00 for skate rentals. Anyone could participate. It was sponsored by Southwest Airlines and absolutely the coolest thing yet! Such a fun/neat idea and everyone LOVED it! Had we known about this we would have brought our winter gear so we could have endured the cold and done some sweet ice skating! Maybe next time!

Waiting to eat dinner...I think it was WAY past someone's bed time!

He could have fallen asleep anywhere! After dinner, we got back to the hotel and he crashed! He was one worn out little guy!

The fam at The Denver Coliseum where we watched Ness dominate! 
They unfortunately didn't make the finals, which we all thought was SO messed up! They should have been in the finals especially with the other teams they called for the finals, our girls were WAY better, but the girls danced their hearts out and it was a fun mini weekend with everyone! We all had a blast and were so grateful to have the whole family together!

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