Thursday, December 31, 2015

Month of December

December has been a super busy month for us, from traveling to Denver, to all the Christmas shenanigans we had going on. In between all the madness we took some time to just chill and of course do some shoveling with all the snow we were getting lol 

Breck is a total fan of the snapchat app for the main fact that you get to put different accessories over your face and he gets a kick out of it every time. Below are a few that Breck really really liked!
Breck and Aunt Beyee

This one of Breck is the best! It doesn't even look like him!

Blowing kisses!

Mommy and Breck Snuggle Time!

Breck has reached the "I'm 2 and am big enough to do things on my own stage" This is Breck in the act! He has decided that he is big enough to walk on the sidewalks on his own, and when we tell him he needs to hold a hand, he folds his arms and tries to hide his hands in his arm pits...just gotta love when your little guy starts to gain his own opinions!

Fishy has this GIANT bear upstairs in her room, and Breck found it! He of course used his cute charm and convinced her to bring the bear downstairs so the two of them could snuggle together! I love these precious moments!

While out Christmas shopping Presten and I ventured into Rue 21 and stumbled up on these Christmas beanies! We couldn't believe what we were seeing! We pretty much died laughing and I just had to document them because they were beyond crazy! Welcome to Christmas in 2015

When you have to wait after church for tithing settlement for an hour, you make sure to plan ahead and keep your boys entertained with electronics ha 

Breck on the ladder helping Honey decorate the tree!

Goofy Smiles for the Camera!

One day it had snowed all day outside and the walkway needed to be shoveled, so Breck and I got all bundled up and made our way outside. Breck was very excited to have some snow time!

Look at my cute little marshmallow! He was so bundled up the poor kid could barely move! Little people in snow clothes are pretty much the cutest thing ever!

Trying to figure out how to walk down the snow steps without tumbling ha

Look at my hard work! In less than 10min this clean shoveled walkway was snow covered again! Yay for snow haha

Playing cars at Sweety's house!

It was so bright that Breck went and grabbed his blanket to cover his face so that he could handle the bright light lol He's a smart kiddo!

Love this amazing man of mine! He is my rock and has been there for me through everything! This year and this pregnancy has been a rough one emotionally for me...this PHENOMENAL man of mine has been there for me through it all and has been my light when times get dark and tough and makes everything better! I don't know what I would do without him! I am SO blessed to have him in my life! I love him more than words can explain!

Love my boys!

This is what happens when daddy tries to get Breck to wear his Thomas pajamas and he says no...Daddy puts them on to make Breck Jealous!

Bright side...It worked! haha Props to daddy!

The last Tuesday of the month, Dec 29th, Breck woke up with a fever and the stomach flu. Poor little guy got sick and it's been a rough couple of days for him. Today is Jan 2nd, and he is just one sick little man. It's been 5 days of this awful sickness and I'm ready for him to finally feel better again. It's rough having a sick little in the house. I'm grateful that he is so adorable and such a champ through all of it! We have had lots of snuggle times and lots of late nights! The snuggles make it all worth it though. 

Haha his head phones were too big for his head so daddy wrapped a washcloth and duct taped it so it would fit him haha Daddy's genius! 

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