Sunday, May 31, 2015

May 2015

The month of May was full of so many fun adventures! Some were fun, and some...not so fun! It's starting to feel warm outside so it feels like we can finally come out of hibernation and spend time outside and go shopping! 
This kid loves his naps!

We thought it would be fun to take the kids to the mall and let them ride the fun rides. One of the rides was the carousel. Here's Ivy and Breck riding the horse together. How cute are they?!

This picture was right before these two fell. It was awful! Breck got a phone that looked like Ivy and Jane's. His was in the stroller and he saw Jane's and tried to reach for it and instead fell off the horse. I felt SO bad! it was all in slow motion and I felt like I couldn't move fast enough. It was a rough moment. 
When we got home there was a good sized goose egg! It was all blue and purple. Poor little guy! I put some Lavender essential oil on it to help with the bruising and within an hour the bump was completely gone! Man, I love my essential oils!

After a few hours to make sure he was ok, he took a mini nap and we had some sweet snuggle time!

We spend quite a bit of time upstairs checking out Aunt Sessa's fish. He loves to feed him and loves to watch him swim. Here he is below in his cute Monster Inc. Undies bahaha Why are undies so cute on little bums?!

This month we got to celebrate Nathan Bond's 1st bday! I can't believe he's already 1!!! 

Funniest thing happened! We showed up, walked in and saw Nathan in the the most SIMILAR outfit! They had their hair the same way, and the same cute clothes! With their similar outfits they look like they are brothers! Are they not the cutest blonde twins?!

Breck with Lydia and Janelle

Bubba had so much fun at the party that he had tuckered himself out ha 

Not even 5min in the car and he was fast asleep!

I love Sundays when I get to dress up my little GQ baby boy!

I love Sundays with my family! My boys are just the cutest! I just love them! I am so lucky!

Hanging out at Uncle Tracy and Aunt Sweety's house, and Tanessa playing with my hair. 

My hair looks like a fish, according to Tanessa!

Sessa, Breck and Honey checking out the chickens!

Here is the HUGE train track Presten and I set up! I found a huge lot of geo tracks on the garage sale and got them for Breck! They will be for his bday and Christmas, but Presten and I wanted to see what we could make with all the findings, I think we made a pretty sweet set up if I do say so myself!

My precious boy!

The month of May just came with a whole bunch of owies. This kid has never really gotten hurt and twice in one month he did quite the number on himself. We were helping a friend find an apartment to rent come June. We were out checking one out and this little guy didn't want to stay in my arms anymore. He wanted down and kept throwing a fit if I didn't put him down. So I let him down to run around and explore. We were standing on asphalt and he was running on a slanted downhill part; he saw my friends dog, and the dog got excited and it startled Breck, and he tripped and fell. He didn't stick his hands out so he fell face first and fell downhill so he skidded a little, and yes it is the same side that he got the goose egg on earlier in the month. This little guy just can't catch a break. 

At least he can take it like a champ!

You guessed it, we got home and put some olive oil in. Olive oil helped it HEAL amazingly! He has no scars and you can't even tell where he got scraped up! Thank goodness!!! 

After going to Farmington one Saturday to do some shopping at Sam's Club and the mall, we treated ourselves to dinner at Texas Roadhouse! Man is their food amazing!
This little nugget loved the country dancing and kept flirting with our waiter! 

We also found this Mater and Red at the store and Breck was so happy to have his Mater and Red! After getting his new cars he was an ANGEL all night! He was so happy to have a Mater! He is obsessed with Mater and Lightning McQueen, so this made his night!

He is such a smart boy! He attached Red to Mater ALL BY HIMSELF! It was definitely a proud Mom Moment!

Crazy Hair Day!

Trying to exercise his arm like Daddy

One morning Breck and I headed out to the park. We went around 9:00am and to our surprise we were the ONLY ones there! We had a full hour at the park with no one there! We had it all to ourselves! It was such a fun treat, and Breck LOVED it!

Love our Mommy Son days!

We love the swings! They are our favorite!

The beautiful River Trail in Durango!

I love all the greenery!

Playing Superman with Daddy!

Look, no hands!

Making a late night run to the store for some chocolate chip cookie dough and brownie ice cream! 
we gave Bubba a bath and I didn't fix his hair like I normally do (in a fauxhawk).  I don't think I'll be doing this again anytime soon...It made him look SO much older and I'm def not ready for that! 

Who said he could grow up so fast?!

Just look at that face! Don't you just want to eat him up?!

The friend that was staying with us this month had a dog named Blaze. Here is Breck and Blaze out for a walk in the forest. They both love being outside and exploring. 

Breck found a motorcycle and was pretty stoked about it!

Here is Breck reading his books to Blaze.

Blaze had a kennel and Breck really loved playing inside it. 

Papi, Honey and Breck dancing together in the kitchen

My cute Ladies Man!

Papi Jumping Over him! This was Breck's favorite game!

During the warm weather we just love being outside, and especially on Saturdays when Daddy doesn't have to work! Breck loves being able to play on the slides with his Daddy!

He loves his ranch...not to eat it, just to smear it all over his face. Don't you know that's what ranch is for?!

The end of the month we had our interviews to renew our temple recommends. My mom and dad so awesomely took Breck for us and Presten and I got a mini date night in! We had dinner and dessert, then the interviews and then had a fun play date at the park on the swings! I love this man of mine, and am so grateful for the life I have with him! 

Breck trying on Daddy's glasses

Daddy and Breck racing through the forest. 

He loves his trucks and trailers!

Trampoline time!

Again with the cute bum and cute undies! He loves his Lightning McQueen undies!
The month of May has been to good to us and I am SO happy for all the summer fun that waits ahead for us! I hope everyone's May has been just as amazing as mine!