Thursday, July 7, 2016

A Simple Summer Day!

Thursday July 7, 2016
Today was a nice relaxing day. We spent the day playing trains, making wee ooo noises and train noises, we watched Bolt the cartoon and had some awesome snuggle time and snacks! You don't get a much better day than that right?!
Playing Trains!

We even got to go on a RZR ride over to Dana and Papa's house! She needed some help with her computer. I asked Breck if he wanted to go to Dana, Papa's house and he said, "YES! ummm....Maybe we take the ride?!" haha I told him he had to go ask Honey if we could use the ride. She said yes and he was SO ecstatic! As soon as I got in and started it up he squealed with delight! He then looks at me and says, "Mom, Kaiya LOVES the ride!" The whole ride over to Dana's house he giggled and squealed with delight! I've never seen a little boy SO EXCITED to go on a ride before! It was just the cutest little thing ever!!!!!

Daddy got home from work and decided that we should to town for a night out! So we got ourselves ready and headed to the mall first. Sports Authority is going out of business and they had sales 
40%-60% off right now, so we started there and did some shopping on some sweet deals. After shopping we headed to The Palace for dinner. Presten had a GC there from work so we thought we would give it a try. We were so happy we did! Their food was AMAZING!!!!! We had the potstickers as the appetizer and they were to die for!!! The best ones in town I have had! For dinner we shared the Capellini Pomodoro Pasta with Italian Sausage! Everything we had was SO amazing and delicious! We will happily go back for their delicious food!!!!
Family Date Night!!!

After dinner we made our way home and got ourselves ready for bed. This was my favorite part of the night. Why you may ask? It's because I get to hear Breck give the BEST prayers before bed! Tonights prayer was no different.....

"Dear Heavenly Fati; hahah I said Heavnly Fati mom hahah. Dear Heavenly Fati, thank you day. Thank you Mommy, Daddy, Kaiya, and Mommy, Daddy, Kaiya Breck. Thank you go to town, and store and food and eat dinner and apple sauce and lighting queen gummies and hice cream and pizza and donuts and sleep good, have no bad dreams, in Heavnly Fati, Amen!" 

I wish so badly that I could video tape him saying these precious prayers! He is just so cute when he does it! You know they are from the heart! I love my little man so much and I'm so grateful we got to have such a magnificent day today as a family! I love my little family!!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Family Photo Shoots

While we were in Vegas for Tanessa's grad trip we took some much needed family pictures! Our own photographer, Tianna, is of course AMAZING and as usual did not disappoint! 

Thursday, May 26, 2016

May 2016

May has ben an insanely busy month, and it's preparing us for what our summer is going to look like. Our summer is going to be crazy busy, and this is only the beginning! 

We love going to stores that have mini shopping carts for toddlers! Breck especially loves it! There is a store in Farmington, called Baby and Me I think. It's located next to Hobby Lobby. They carry all sorts of baby stuff...cribs, strollers, clothes, diaper bags etc. While we were shopping, Breck found this cart and decided to do his own shopping! At one point he went to a section and took off EVERYTHING off the wall and put it in his cart. He was intent on buying it all too haha this kid is the best!

He is seriously the cutest! He makes my life so perfect!

I'm excited to see who this little girl becomes and who she ends up looking like! It's so fun! She is seriously the cutest! How did we ever get along without her?!

We found a tattoo in a cereal box and Breck thought it was a sticker. When it wouldn't stick to his belly, he got a little upset, so Daddy showed it how it worked. Mommy and Breck were thinking he would put it on his belly; Daddy had a different place in mind hahah so whenever Breck wanted to show off his "sticker" instead of just lifting the bottom of his shirt to show his belly, he had to lift it ALL they way up and show everything! Thank you Daddy! hahaha 

Mommy trying to teach Breck the Coffee Grinder. Mom still has her moves! Go Mom!

Presten thinks he is SO funny! One day I received this in a text message. The funny thing, is that when a man gets sick and has a fever, he totally acts like he did just have a baby. They act like they are dying and that they can't do anything hahaha oh men!

May 1, it snowed! We were making our way back from Moab, UT. We had spent the weekend camping with Nani and Dued. It was a great weekend, and thank goodness the weather was perfect until the day we left! 

Our kiddos were passed out during the drive.

Frizzy hair, don't care!

Why does it snow in May?! So cold!

Daddy enjoys making Kaiya look like a little monkey! 

Kaiya is full of smiles and stories and Breck is pouting because I wouldn't let him smother her while I took a picture.

As soon as I said he could love her, his attitude changed and he was all sorts of happy again and smothering her to death. 

Bubba's new haircut! When did my baby boy, become a little man?! He's growing up WAY too fast! I'm not ready for this!

What a stud muffin! He's kind of the cutest thing ever!

I have trained him well to post for pictures! He's a quick learner!

Afton, Breck and Maya on the river trail by the BMX tracks riding their bikes! They LOVE their bikes!

I learned the hard way, to NEVER buy an off-brand of sunscreen! I bought just a kroeger brand of sunscreen. It was 60spf and I sprayed it on me 3 times, and on Breck 3 times. Breck thank goodness didn't get it as bad as I did. Mine was TERRIBLE! It took almost a week 1/2 for the pain to disappear. It was awful! Talk about the WORST way to start summer off! I'm pretty sure I almost died! It was just awful! Walking, sleeping, showers...everything was terrible. So, I will never again buy an off-brand of sunscreen again! 

In nursery, we enjoy making Mother's Day crafts. We get to pain them, and as you can imagine, the kids LOVED it! Shea Costa has some great ideas for the littles! She's so creative and crafty!

Dana and Papa getting some Kaiya loves! 

Yessa and Kaiya. Everyone makes fun of me because I always have bows on Kaiya, even when she's in her pajamas as shown above. But here's the key...if she doesn't wear them now, she won't be used to them later and won't ever let me do her hair. You have to start them young and train them so they don't know any different!

Breck loves his Papi!

Lazy Sundays 

This is when you know Bubba is tired. When he sits there and lets Papi tickle his back and NOT move, you know he's ready for bed hahah

My man and I....It was a good hair day!

Could her baby jew shoes be any cuter on her little feet?! I just love this Delic Squish SO much! My squishy baby!

If you couldn't tell by the picture, someone is OBSESSED with his Paw Patrol. He has Paw Patrol tennis shoes, short, shirt AND he has Chase and Marshall in his hands! Paw Patrol is his favorite movie right now, and Chase and Marshall are his best friends! haha 

Before and After of his new haircut. He looks so handsome! Peopler compliment us ALL the time on his haircut and how cute he is! We seriously can't go anywhere without people stopping us to tell us how cute and adorable and perfect our kids are! What can I say, Presten and I make some adorable kids!

Breck with his friends at Xander's bday party!
Stryker, Breck, Xander, Lydia, Rhylen and 2 kids that I don't know haha

Katie Pritchard getting some Kaiya snuggles while at Kathryn Lavengood's bridal shower. 

The cutest girls ever! LOVE these Lavengood girls!
Kathryn, Emily and Tamara! These girls are like family to us!

So....we LOVE the snapchat app! Why?! Because we get to spend ALL day taking CRAZY pictures with these INSANE filters! We have way too much fun with it hahaha

Face swap is the creepiest!

Another face swap bahaha...I look good with a beard lol 

I think I'm gonna look like a fox when I'm old lol

Kaiya and Mommy's face swap is SUPER freaky!

Yup...we like looking old!

Our Sunday Best!

Little boys in suspenders are just the cutest ever!

How did I get so lucky?!?! 

I love taking tons of photos on Sundays because we all look so cute and spiffy!

My sexy hubby and myself!

Car selfies are the best don't you think?!

Hanging out at Andrea's house with our littles!

Bennett, Taze and Kaiya!

Breck sometimes thinks he can fit in Kaiya's carseat, and tries to sit in it ALL the time!!!

When you attend the first softball game of the season, and it's 38 degrees outside, this is what we look like. Bundled up and FREEZING!!!!

Breck and Xander playing trucks int he dirt. Let the boys be boys!

Softball Tuesdays!!!!

I thought I would try out the new hair trend. A top knot bun with the rest of the hair down...not sure I am sold on it, but it was worth a try!

This little stud and his Truck Truck! All boy in this house!

The end of May we went to Buckley Park on Main Street. They had a Summer Kick Off Party at the park for families! It was SO fun! They had music played by little kids and it was AMAZING!!! They had rock climbing walls, bike tracks/tricks, games etc. Breck had a BLAST!!!!!
Breck and the little girl were matching! It as so cute I had to snap a pic! 

Daddy taking Breck on the bike track. He loved it so much!!! I think instead of a baseball player, we might have a little BMXer on our hands. This kid is ADDICTED to his bike! 

Trying to rock climb with Papi

Getting ready to get his face painted! 

He wanted to be a "piwate" aka a Pirate haha

My little pirate! He sat still the whole time and LOVED his eye patch! 

Pirates love suckers in case you were wondering!

Yessa and Papi, being crazy as always

Yessa trying to get Breck to give her a piggy back ride. 

He has an obsession with stickers, and that they have to be on the belly!

Kaiya and Yessa

He's such a good helper! Vacuuming the house with Honey

Washing the car with Papi and Yessa. This kid is obsessed with washing cars on the grass. It's like his favorite thing to do. He always asks if we can park the car or ride on the grass and clean it haha

My handsome boys!

Just a Sunday drive to Sweety's house!

Emily and Rachel Miner getting some Kaiya snuggles at the SR grad party at Santa Rita Park. It was held on a Monday, and was for Yessa, Jenna, Kanyon, Seth, Orion and Sarah. It was a super fun party! They had a great turn out!

He is so cool with his batman sunglasses! He obviously knows how to wear them properly too!

This little dude is one super smart guy, but so funny as well! Here before you are 2 fire trucks. To me they are fire trucks. To Breck they are different. The one on the left is a Fire Engine. The one on the right is a Fire Truck. He won't tell me what the difference is, but they are different and you can't mix them up or he will let you know you made a mistake! haha

What a stud! He LOVES working out with me in the morning, and he's very good at it too!

He takes some breaks here in there, and makes sure to tell me to "keep breathing; good job mom; you look GREAT!" haha he's the best when it comes to making me feel good about myself lol

Softball Tuesdays! This is a game that we were coming home at 11:30pm. Late game night! I left the kids with my mom, and went and watched my hubby.

Got home and they were both awake, cuz Honey couldn't put them to bed with them sad haha oh man! being a grandparent means you can do whatever you want lol 

Can't believe this adorable chunk is 3 months old! What a cutie patootie! her nickname in the McBride house is Delic Squish. She's our cute squishy and we are gonna use that nickname till the day she dies lol hahahah