Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was a busy day for us. Presten had to work until 1:00pm that day and at 2:00pm we were all headed over to Dana and Papa's for dinner and activities. That morning the rest of my family ran errands, and Breck and I worked on making home made Peanut Butter Rolls and Cinnamon Rolls for breakfast for Christmas Day. The Peanut Butter Rolls turned out PERFECT! The Cinnamon Rolls on the other hand.... they turned to mush! The insides melted out and the dough didn't rise and it was just terrible. That, mixed with my pregnancy hormones caused for a major breakdown. I had to create a new dough and start all over again. Round 2 wasn't going as planned either and I broke down again. Unfortunately it happened when Presten got home from work, so he walked into a sob fest, poor guy! He, however was amazing! He walked right in, told me to jump in the shower and get ready and he would take care of the rest. That's just what he did! He made the cinnamon rolls look amazing! He is the best part of me! I love him so much! He made everything better!

We were finally able to make it over to Dana & Papa's and my emotions were back in balance thanks to my hubby! Before we had arrived they did Ginger Bread Houses, so most of the cousins were in the sunroom making their houses. We started off hanging out visiting while waiting for everyone to be ready to eat. 
My mom and Presten playing Suspend. Super fun game!

No one won this game ha they both were down to 2 pieces each when the whole thing collapsed ha

Sweety and Breck playing cars

Kaitlyn swapped spots with Presten to try to win and she did!

Kaitlyn was the winner!

After the games we had dinner, hung out and visited for a little bit again, watched a talent show and then did a white elephant gift exchange. After the White elephant gift exchange we made sugar cookies for Santa Claus!
Breck found himself a remote controlled dadu (tractor) and was in heaven! He was so attached to it that when we had to leave that night he had a HUGE meltdown because he couldn't take it home with him ha The struggles of being a 2 year old!

Breck and Bracken hanging out together

Breck really wanted Brack to play cars with him, but Brack just kept eating the cars so Breck decided to just drive them on his own lol 

Shane showing off his AMAZING instrumental skills! He is SO talented with a saxaphone, well any instrument probably! He did an amazing job! After him, Kody played the piano and he did a great job as well!

Watching the talent show!

Uncle Bran Bran and Breck caillouing (coloring) together!

Breck and Nani playing with all the tissue paper and wrapping paper from the gifts

Where's Breck hiding?! Hint: Under the wrapping paper and tissue paper

Making Sugar Cookies for Santa!!!! 
My Aunt Keeley made all the cookies and frosting! Thank you for doing that for everyone!

They should be models don't you think?!

Matching Scarves!

I really like this one because they both look a little drugged lol 

After a great night with the Farley side we made our way home to finish off the Christmas Eve Night. One of our family Traditions is family pajamas! Now that we are all married off, except Tanessa ha we get to do our own family pajamas! The theme I went with this year was shirts with hoods ha I went more comfy and useable than matchy matchy like I have in the past. 

Nani & Dued's Pajamas! It was quite rough to get a cute pic of the two of them ha

Yay! Finally got a cute pic!

Bran Man & Beyee's pajamas! 

Honey, Papi & Yessa's pajamas

I love candid photos!

 After pajamas we put Breck down to bed since it was pretty late. We then read the scriptures of the Angel declaring Christ's birth. After reading scriptures we watched a movie about Christ's crucifixion. It was such a great movie and a great reminder of why we celebrate Christmas. After the movie, everyone helped Presten and I set up Breck's big Christmas Present. Breck got one christmas present from us, and that was a HUGE geo trax train set! Breck LOVES trains, and I got a steal of a deal on this set and have been holding on to it for a year just waiting for Christmas, and finally it came! I think I was more excited for Christmas morning than anyone else ha

Bran, Tianna and Jared are beyond phenomenal and worked super hard and got all 4 of the trains and remotes working for Breck to play with. Presten and I were only able to get 1 working, but leave it to my amazing siblings and they will get ALL of them going!

hard at work!

The finished product! They created an amazing little town for Breck and all his trains!

They are AMAZING!!!

After it was complete we all headed to bed to await the arrival of Santa Claus!!!!

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