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Oh January!!!! We started 2016 off with a not so fun bang! Our new years eve consisted of staying home and taking care of our sick little guy. Whatever sickness he got, he got it bad! He had a cough, fever, and the stomach flu! He was sick for a whole week! He had the stomach flu for 5 days. It was so rough. He couldn't keep anything down, and lost so much weight! I did get a lot of snuggles with him, but the nights and days were super long. He is such a clean freak too. He hates getting messy, which normally I don't mind. But whenever he would throw up, it was more than he could handle, so instead of leaving it for me to try to clean up he would start trying to wipe himself off and start flinging stuff everywhere. I had to be quicker than quick if I were to catch him before he made a bigger mess. It was a super rough week. Then after all of that, he had the fever and cough for another half a week. Needless to say, the both of us were tired and exhausted and could not wait for it to be gone! We confined ourselves at home and avoided everyone so no one else got what he did. When it comes to winter colds and what not, that's one that kind of bugs me ha If your kid has a runny nose, or is showing signs of a cough or that they could be getting sick, why in the world would a parent take them out in public, or take them to someones house for a play date? How am I supposed to know your kid is sick, and be able to protect my child from your kids sickness? I don't care if you will be missing a "dinner" or a "party" or something that you don't want to miss out on. Stop being selfish and don't share your kids sickness with everyone else. Due to their selfishness of not wanting to miss out on the fun, I am then the one that has to be confined to my home for the next week 1/2 with a sick child, because I like to not share my kids germs! People just need to start thinking! Ok rant is over now. It just seems like more and more people don't care and take their sick kids everywhere and then all the kids are getting sick, when that all could have been prevented if the parent of that one child had just kept them home. Oh well, what can you do about it? 

Through all the sickness and bad days, this little stud still gives me the best smiles! 

He loves to snuggle his daddy!

Trying to be just like his daddy!

Those are some big shoes he has to fill haha 

Like seriously, could he be any cuter?! He is my little hipster! I don't know how I got so lucky!!!

This month we have had SO much snow! I woke up and shoveled all the snow, and within an hour

it looked like this!

So I had to shovel it all again!

You forget how tiring shoveling snow can be ha

One morning Breck got a super sweet treat! Fishy (Staysha) came over to get her eyebrows waxed. It was a snow day, due to all the snow, and so Shane got to come over as well! They stayed for like an hour and played with Breck and he was BEYOND happy to have his Fishy & Shane there to play tracks and trains with him!

Shane set up a track for Breck and he thought that was the coolest thing ever!

He was super bummed when they had to leave! He loved having them there to play with him and focus all their attention on him hahah 

The next day, he couldn't wait until Daddy got home and he roped Daddy into playing Tracks and trains with him. Daddy sets up the BEST tracks ever and Breck LOVES playing trains with him. It's his favorite time of day. When Daddy gets home, the fun begins!

Check out that sweet track!

Daddy is the best!!!

That night we set up his pillow bed that Gram Gram made him for christmas and let him have a "treat" He got to watch 1 show on the "hi-pad" He was beyond thrilled that he got to do that! We even made popcorn and let him have juice! He was ecstatic with that treat!

My two sexy boys, all ready for church! Breck looks a little more excited than Daddy does haha

Breck's favorite thing to do is Drive the Jeep. Whenever we go to Sweety's (Aunt Suzy's) house, his response to Daddy is, "Go Sweety House? Breck Drive Dad" hahah And this kid is so smart! He knows how to start the car, and put it into gear. We can't ever leave him alone in the car haha

My little gangsta!

I had to buy him this shirt. It says, "I Put the RRROARRR in Dinosaur" His favorite thing to do to anyone and everyone is roar! If he doesn't know what to say to you, wants to get your attention, you're doing something he doesn't like...almost anything he roars! I saw this shirt, and knew he had to have it! It was made for him hahah 

Some days I need to clean the house, and this is how I keep him from walking all over my newly mopped floors haha The amazingness of technology these days! 

As always this little guy LOVES Snapchat, and all the facial add ons you can see! He could spend hours on there watching his face with new designs lol Some of them KILL ME! It's SO funny!

My adorable Train Conductor! As you can gather from his shirt, he has some new fav TV shows and characters! Blaze and the Monster Machines is who is on his shirt. He loves Blaze, and his driver AJ. Breck calls him JJ though ha He also loves Paw Patrol, he calls it Paw to-trol haha He loves all the characters there, Ryder, Marshall, Chase, Rubbel, Rocky, Sky & Zuma. Another of his favorites is Mutt & Stuff. It's a show all with real dogs. He calls it Zippy, because one of the dogs on the show is named Zippy, so the show is now called Zippy. He loves the cartoon move "HOME". He calls it "Cat" because on the picture there is a cat on the girls head, so it's obviously called cat haha He also loves Princess Sofia, which he calles fia, and Doc McStuffins which he calls Doc. He is full of fun words and craziness! He is talking in full sentences and ALL the time! His most commonly used phrases are, "That tickles....Not Cool....Breck So Funny...That's So Naughty" He is such a character! He uses please and thank you all the time. He is super polite and so very sweet! He is really such a joy in our home, and it's hard to imagine what we did before he came along! He sleeps in his bed all night, and loves to help us cook in the kitchen! I have been so blessed to have such an amazing little man in my life, and I know without a doubt he is going to be the sweetest and bestest big brother ever! 

These two have my whole heart!

How could you not love this face?! He is too cute!!!!!

This is how we have always cute Breck's hair! Breck is such a champ through it too! We set up the Ipad in the shower, sit him on a stool, and Daddy, in his sexy compression shorts, gives Breck an awesome haircut! hahaha It's the best thing ever! I love it so much!!!

Princess Papi & Breck playing legos!

Football Sunday! This was the Sunday we found out that the Broncos were in the superbowl! Woohoo! As usual it was an intense game, but obviously we represented our Broncos!

Bronco Family Baby! United in Orange & Blue! 

When you are pregnant and the smell of food makes you nauseous, you get creative when cooking dinner. You make dinner in your pressure cooker outside, so the house doesn't smell and make you sick hahah Redneck dinner right here! lol It's how I roll haha 

This month, Presten's Rec Basketball Team started. Breck has absolutely LOVED going to watch his Daddy play BBall! The very first game they won! So after the game we of course had to celebrate by going to Dairy Queen for some delicious ice cream! We love Daddy, and love being able to be his cheerleaders! He's so great at everything he does! I love watching him play sports! 

I love this picture of the two of them!

Someone LOVED his caramel shake!

He told me that this was a car wash, and Mater needed to get "queened up". That's how he says cleaned up hahah Whenever he wants you to come with him, instead of saying come on, he says kwan hahah it's the best! 

Mater is clean!

He wanted the building to be fic (that's how he says fixed). He ran straight to the tool drawer, and grabbed the screw driver. He knows exactly what he is doing! He is my littler fixer! 

This is his favorite game with daddy. He loves when Daddy lifts him up like this, and then throws him on the couch hahah He would play this game for hours if Daddy never got tired! haha 

Family Movie Nights, with pillow beds, juice and popcorn are the best!!!!

This is what happens when Daddy takes Breck potty. They end up playing with gel masks and forgetting why they went into the bathroom in the first place hahah
Super Sexy huh? lol 

Instead of reading before bed tonight, Bubba wanted to do some counting games. He is getting so big and I'm not sure I'm ready for it!

I had a Dr. Appt/checkup for Baby #2 and Breck got to spend the morning with Honey. They did all sorts of fun things. One in particular was water color painting! 
Honey let him paint on his arms which he thought was SUPER COOL!

At the end, he showed his arms to Honey and said, "I Dude" Apparently he thinks that he is a cool dude now because he has paint on his arms hahaha He is seriously the best!

Working the head bands!

Breck found a new hiding place. He cleaned out all of his toys from the bottom cupboard

Then stuck himself inside and would hide haha

Look at him go! He's so limber!

The end of this month was Snowdown!!! In Durango, Snowdown is a huge winter celebration that everyone gets SO excited about! It goes on for a whole week, and there are TONS of activities to participate in all week! They usually go from morning until late into the night. Every year there is a theme, and they have a huge parade on main and all sorts of fun things! This year the theme was "Back to the Eighties!" The day of the parade we decided to have some fun and dress up and go watch the parade! This year, they closed main off way early to get it cleared and ready for the parade. Presten and I didn't really think that one through, and it took us about 40min to find a parking spot! It was CRAZY!!!! 
Here's my mom's outfit. The best part...She said she ACTUALLY wore this in the 80's! Hahah it was totally vintage! I died laughing!

I was trying to go for the madonna look...just the pregnant madonna haha 

My handsome stud! I may have made him look more like a 50's Greaser, but that's ok. He's cute enough he could pull it off lol ha

He was showing me that he was "Supa Stong" Super strong lol 

The full outfit! Leg warmers and all!

Don't you love candid photos when you catch your little picking their nose in the back seat? yup, perfect timing hahah

All ready for the parade! BRRRR it was COLD outside!

Yay for snowdown, and delicious cookies and hot chocolate afterwards!

More snapchat fun!

This gorgeous friend of mine is Tana Hitchell. Her and I have been friends since middle school. She is getting married September of this year, and her and her fiance Michael, got their engagements done this month. She asked me to help her with her hair and make up! It was SO fun to get to have a girls morning doing hair and make up and catching up! She is super gorgeous and I had a blast! Love this girl!

Breck hanging out with Daisy and Shane! He loves these two so much! I love how much he loves and adores them! That's been our January! Next up is the month of love...February, which includes Valentines Day!!!!

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