Monday, February 29, 2016

End of February

While Presten and I were are the hospital with our new baby girl, Breck got to spend those couple of days with his Papi, Honey, Bran Bran, Beyee, Nani, Dued & Yessa. Breck loved it because they let him ride his bike through some mud and get all sorts of dirty. He thought it was the coolest thing!

He really enjoyed the mud. You can tell from his clothes.

Look at all that gross mud! lol

My cool little boy with his "soupball ganket" and spiderman hat!

The day we brought Kaiya home from the hospital. Breck was very excited and wanted to hold her!

My mother in law and mom going through all the fun clothes my sister in law sent me!

Fishy was in town, and came over for some fun with Breck.

Needless to say, Breck was SO happy to have Fishy play some train tracks with him! 

Morning snuggles with my 3 loves! They make my life complete!

The light may have been a little bright!

Daddy with his new little princess!

So precious!

Kaiya's first bath! She wasn't too happy about it!

Who knew I could make such a dark baby? Her Dad had a lot to do with that ha

Breck hanging out in Kaiya's podster playing on nani's phone. He got quite comfortable lol

Snuggles with Beyee and Bran Bran

Morning loves!!!

Daddy had the whole week of work off after Kaiya was born. Gram Gram had the whole week as well, and Nani got to stay for a whole week. We had lots of helping hands and lots of people to play with Breck and to snuggle with Kaiya. We mostly spent that time relaxing and enjoying our new family of 4!

One of Breck's favorite things to do is play train tracks with his Daddy. Daddy is so awesome and sets up the most INTENSE tracks. Mom can't make tracks this good!

He is SO excited that he can climb in Kaiya's crib all by himself!

One of Breck's FAVORITE things to do is cook! He helps to cook dinner every single night, and is so good at it! He is such a great little kitchen helper! He even helps to load and unload the dishwasher after cooking too! He's a keeper!

Playing "soupball" with his Daddy. I love the special bond these two have!

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