Wednesday, February 17, 2016


I can't even begin to express the gratitude I feel. As I get to look at these pictures and compile them together on the blog, I just feel so blessed that I get to spend so much time with my son. I have been so blessed to have the worlds most AMAZING husband! He works so hard and goes to work, so that I can stay home and raise our kids. It is such a blessing to have him in my life and to see what an incredible Dad he is to Breck! We love Presten so much, and all he does for us! I don't know what I would do without him!
Starting off our day with some awesome train conducting and cars!

This little man LOVES to cook! He is going to be an incredible cook just like his Daddy! Start them young!

He loves boxes. Kids could care less about toys when an empty box is in the room! Love the imaginations of a child!

This little cutie decided to put stickers all over his arms, and came over to tell me he was a cool dude hahah this kid is the best ever!

This is how we spend our mornings some days. We snapchat all morning with fishy and get the best pictures ever!!!! He loves his Fishy!

The left picture is Breck using his water pen to color his lips haha Breck and I watched the new Grease Live and to my surprise, Breck LOVED it! He sat and watched the whole 2 hours of it and was mesmerized! He follows after his mom!

My Cool Dude! He is such a stud! I love this little man of mine!

Breck helped Daddy set up his tent that he got as a birthday gift from Janelle Blake. When it was all set up and put together he took Daddy inside to snuggle with him. He has not let us take the tent down, and stashes all of his toys in there! It's his favorite place! He LOVES it!

More snapchat fun! We kind of love snapchat...a lot! haha

Saturday February 13, 2016 These two boys wanted to show their love and support for their Broncos! It's the day before the Superbowl, and you can tell who we are cheering for!!! We did some grocery shopping in town, and then treated ourselves to Zia's for lunch! Zia's is SO delicious! My favorite is their black cherry soda at the South location! So good!!!

That night we brought the tent over, and watched a family movie together while Breck snuggled up and watched from his tent haha I'm telling you, someone is obsessed with this tent!

Breck wanted Daddy to play with him. He convinced him to ride his neigh neigh while Breck drove around in the truck! hahah I love that Presten actually does it! These two are the best!

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that snapchat sure knows how to catch our best features! haha makes us look so adorable don't you think?! lol 

Sunday February 7, 2016 was SUPERBOWL SUNDAY!!!!! We had a party at Tracy & Suzy's house! There was Tracy, Suzy, Shane, My Dad, My Mom, Tanessa, Presten, Breck and I. We had all sorts of delicious food and the game was GREAT!!!! It was the Denver Broncos Vs. the Carolina Panthers. For food we had:
Chips & Queso, Pizza Rolls, Stuffed Jalapenos, homemade BBQ Chicken Wings & personal Buster Bars all made by Suzy.
Fruit & Veggie platter by my Mom
Pretzel dogs, Pretzel Bites, Meat, Cheese & Cracker Platter, and Chocolate Chip Sundae Cups made by me. 
We had so much delicious food! It all turned out great and SUPER delicious!!!!!

The boys watching the game!

Sweety got this little dude a new monster truck! The sad face was because he didn't want to take a picture and smile for the camera haha

Sweety and Breck!

We were pretty stoked about the Broncos win! GO BRONCOS!!!!!

Playing with his new monster truck with his Daddy! He calls the small one Blaze and the purple one he has named Crusher, from his fav TV show Blaze and the Monster Machines haha

Most kids go to bed with stuffed animals and blankets.

My kid goes to bed with his blankets, a cup of water, his cars, and hard covered books. He is unlike any other kid! hahah 

Saturday February 13, 2016, our friend Shea Costa hosted a kids valentines party at her house. She had bags for the kids valentines to go in. The gets got to color and decorate them however they wanted to with all sorts of stickers and glitter hearts!

Hard at work decorating their bags!

Breck found Tatum's play mat and decided that it was actually meant for him and not for the baby lol

After all the bags were decorated they set them up and the kids got to distribute their valentines to everyone. 

After handing out valentines, Shea had a cookie decorating activity! She made homemade heart shaped sugar cookies and homemade pink frosting, because she is amazing like that, and the kids got to decorate their cookies with frosting and then add all sorts of sprinkles and goodies on top!

As you can tell, they had a BLAST!!!!

After all the sugar cookies and valentines, Breck ran off to play. We hadn't seen him in a good 30-40min and when we found him, this is what we came upon haha He had gone into Shea's girls room and found their vanity play set complete with a hair dryer and brush. He spent that whole time in the room in front of the vanity doing his hair lol He was blow drying it, combing it then blow drying it again. Harold came in at one point and he fixed Harold's hair for him as well haha It was the funniest thing! This kid cracks me up! I told Presten that maybe baby number 2 needs to be a girl, so we can get a vanity play set for him and his sister to play with hahaha 

After all the fun at the Valentine's Party we had to go to the grocery store. On the way home this little nugget fell asleep. He was SO tired, that he didn't even wake up when we pulled him out of his carseat. We laid him down on the couch and he slept there with all the noise of music and everything for a good hour. He would have slept longer, but I didn't want him to be wide awake when bed time rolled around so I woke him up...I'm mean like that haha 
Who knew that a Valentine's Party and Grocery Shopping could be so tiring?! I love this little man!

Our Chubby Bunny!!!

This right here is pure joy! The Silver Car that Breck is holding was a Christmas gift that he got in 2014 from his cousin Jordan. It was a car that you had to put together yourself. Yesterday was Feb 15, 2016, President's Day, and Daddy had the day off of work. So Daddy and Breck spent and 1hr 1/2 building and putting together the silver car! Breck is SO proud of it! He has taken it EVERYWHERE! He has to show everyone the car and tells them, "Daddy car Breck Make" Meaning, Daddy and Breck made the car haha It's the cutest thing ever! He has to sleep with it, take it in the bath or shower with him, whenever we leave the house. This car does not go out of his sight! It is his absolute favorite! I think he loves it so much because he built it with Daddy! It's the cutest thing ever! I love seeing the Daddy Son Bond that these two have! It makes my heart SO happy!!!!!!

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