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Kaiyana's Birth Story

Baby #2 is due February 22, 2016. Saturday Night, February 13, 2016 before heading to bed I had lost my mucus plug. I had not lost my mucus plug at all with Breck, and after talking with my mom, found out it could be a sign that baby was going to come. My mom, with all 4 of her kids, was a mucus plug kind of girl. As soon as she lost it, within an hour or two she was in active labor and then we were all born. So that was a little bit of an exciting hope after finding out that I actually lost mine this time around. Well I spent most of the night tossing and turning and dealing with some intense contractions. They went on almost all night. They weren't close enough to be concerned about, but they were definitely strong and painful.

Here I am, 39 weeks! Right before we left to head to the hospital on Feb 14, 2016.

Sunday Morning, February 14, 2016, they were still happening and coming strong! At 8:00am I started timing them and they were 3min apart. I timed them for an hour and realized that we should go to the hospital and have them take a look just to be safe. We got Breck ready and he headed to church with my mom and Yessa, and Presten and I headed to the hospital. On the way there, they were getting stronger and deeper. I had to lean on Presten for support when walking into the hospital. We got there and checked in at about 10:00am. As soon as the nurse Terri had me lie down and hooked me up to monitor me and the baby, EVERYTHING completely stopped! They were still happening, but very mild and not as frequently as they were. I couldn't believe it! I just kept thinking to myself, really? Is this happening right now? I have all this action all night and morning and now nothing?! At my Dr. appointment on Friday, Dr. Todd told me that I was dilated at a 3 and 70% effaced. Terri checked me at the hospital and told me she felt that I was BARELY dilated at a 2 and not close to 70% effaced at all. She said she wouldn't have given me that much credit ha. It was pretty discouraging, especially since with Breck, I was dilated at a 3 and 80% effaced for like 3-4 weeks and he still came a week late. So after hearing all that info from Terri, I started to really think that it wasn't time for baby to come. Well, they proceeded to want to keep me. She had me do some walking for about 1hr 15min to see if that would kick up the contractions again. Sure enough it did. I had deep intense contractions the whole time I was walking, and as soon as we went back to the room for her to check me again, they all stopped. I was getting discouraged at this point. She told me that I could keep walking, probably walk for another hour and see if anything changes. She said the only way they would keep me was if the cervix had changed, and that it wasn't based on how many contractions I was having. So I told her just to check me, and if nothing had changed I would do my walking elsewhere. So she checked me and sure enough nothing had changed. So after spending 4hrs at the hospital, they sent us home because not enough action has happening. We came home, and it was a little disappointing, but I pulled myself together and Presten and I went back to our original thinking, which was that this baby will come on March 1st haha. Since the hospital visit, there has basically been no action at all, so I really do think this baby will come after it's due date. It's just so interesting, because with Breck I had like no contractions, and no action and I was dilated and effaced pretty far, and with this baby a lot of action is taking place and I'm like no where close to having this baby ha It's amazing what the body does and how things work out. I don't mind having a March baby, in fact I might almost prefer a march baby, but my fear is that this baby will come on February 29. With this year being a leap year, I am SOOO afraid of that happening. I don't want my baby to have a birthday every 4 years, that would be so sad! Presten keeps telling me that because I don't want that to happen, and I'm so nervous about it, that it's going to happen that way! I hope he is wrong! lol I have a Dr. Appt. this Friday (19th) with Dr. Baca, so we will see if anything has changed and get a better idea of what this baby is planning to do!
Friday, February 19, 2016 I had my Dr. appointment with Dr. Baca. I am dilated at a 3 and 80% effaced. She said that the head is exactly where it needs to be and engaged. She was completely shocked at how low the head was, and said as soon as I can get consistent contractions I'll be in labor and my body is ready to go. So basically, we are in the same waiting game as we were with Breck. Honestly, I don't think my body is the type of body that does labor with contractions and all that jazz like everyone else. I think that my body might go into labor when my water breaks.

40 weeks

Thursday February 25, 2016 
All week long NOTHING has happened. The baby's due date was Monday February 22, 2016 and as expected, nothing happened. This entire week I have had no signs. No twinges, no contractions, nada. The worst is that with the baby sitting so low, I have some intense lower back pain and my hips are just killing me all the time. It's kind of rough, but what can you expect this far into the game? I am 3 days past due date today and I have a feeling that this little one is going to follow after their big brother Breck and not come until I induce them March 1st. I have another Dr. appointment tomorrow and we shall see what we are looking at at that point.

So, the last entry changed A TON! Who knew! Presten got home from work tonight and we were trying to figure out what to eat for dinner. Papa John's Pizza had their grand opening tonight and I told Presten that that's what I wanted for dinner. He said that he was worried about the long line and how long it would take to get our food, and that he would take me to get pizza for dinner tomorrow. I didn't fight him, and let that craving slide and opted for macaroni and cheese with hot dogs haha it was food more for Breck than for his pregnant wife. Well, we went about our evening as usual. We got Breck all ready for bed, and read a book with him before putting him down for the night. After he was down, we snuggled up on the couch and watched some of our TV Shows before deciding it was time for bed. I went into the bathroom, this is about 10:00pm and washed my face and started brushing my teeth. While brushing my teeth I was cleaning up some of Breck's clothes. I picked up his sweatshirt and bent over and put it on the dresser. As soon as I bent over I felt some leakage. I thought that I just bent over and peed a little ha You can't put it past yourself at this point in the pregnancy haha After brushing my teeth I went in and changed my underwear and got in bed. While lying in bed I felt them wet again. Again I just passed it off as pee. I went to the restroom and changed them again. Presten came in and asked if everything was ok. I told him that it was fine, and that we should just head to bed because it was getting late. I stood up and went to flush the toilet and looked down and some some blood. That's when I figured that it was something more. I called my mom and explained the situation, and she said she was pretty sure my water tore. I called the hospital and explained my situation to them and they said the same thing and told me to make my way in. Since we are in the basement apartment of my mom and dad's house, it was easy to head out. My dad and Tanessa were upstairs so that when Breck woke up, there would be people there for him in the morning. Presten and I gathered our gear, got in the car and headed to the hospital. I unfortunately didn't get a picture of me a week late so my 40 Week is the best I have.

Up until this point I still wasn't having any contractions. It wasn't until we got to the hospital and checked in at 11:00pm that I could start to feel the contractions coming on. They checked me and I was dilated at a 5 and 90% effaced. I called my mom and told her to come to the hospital and that I was in labor and that we were having a baby! As I said before, the baby was super low so when the contractions were in full force my back labor was almost unbearable! I was on all fours hanging over the edge of the bed and had my mom and Presten push as hard as they could on my back. It was the only thing that took the edge off and helped me get through it. My contractions were about 2 to 2 1/2 min long and I only had 30-40 seconds in between for rests. Some of the phrases I kept using were, "Oh my lanta!" and "These contractions are extremely naughty!" The nurse got a kick out of all the stuff I was saying. Apparently I'm quite an entertaining birther haha Who knew?!

When I got to the hospital, I had told the nurse that I am a fast laborer. I told her that when they broke my water with my son, (Breck was induced) that he came 2 hours after that. I felt like I gave them fair warning and was hoping that they would take me seriously, but that wasn't the case.
Due to the fact that the baby's head was so low, my water wasn't breaking all the way. So I asked if the Doctor, the doctor I had was Dr. Prieb, I asked if she could break my water to move things along because the contractions were starting to make me feel like I needed to push. She checked me when she broke my water and I was dilated at a 7. She said I was doing great and to just keep breathing through the contractions and then she left the room. The nurse I had was Amy. She had me move from laboring on all 4's to laboring on my right side. I started to feel like I needed to push and she told me to try to pant through them and to not push because I wasn't dilated enough. Amy had the Doctor come in again and she checked me and I was at an 8. After checking me she left the room, which she SHOULD not have done at that point! Same thing that happened with Breck, I went from an 8 to a 10 in like a minute. I felt another strong urge to push and told Amy that I needed to push and she told me to pant because the Dr. had just checked me and I wasn't ready yet. She switched me from my right side to my left and then went back to watching the computer monitor and typing stuff in. She was the only one in the room with  myself, mom and hubby, and the whole time she was watching the monitors instead of keeping an eye on me and what was happening in front of her.

Well, there was no stopping my body with the next urge. I couldn't stop pushing and I pushed and felt the head crowning. The nurse still wasn't looking. My mom tried to get her attention and then another strong push and the head came out. That's when my mom told her that the head was out and we needed the Dr. The Nurse looked over, saw the head, and held the head. I don't know if she was trying to push the head back in or keep the baby from continuing to come out, but there was no stopping me, I was in full on pushing mode. She then called for the Dr. and everyone else to come into the room. She had me turn over onto my back, and then I had another strong push coming on. This was the last push that got the baby out. As I pushed the Dr. came in. She had one hand gloved, and was getting the other gloved. The hand that was gloved she used to basically guide the baby out, and then she lifted the baby and Presten was able to tell me that we had ourselves a baby girl!!!! She was born on 02/26/2016 at 1:07am. She was 7lbs 13oz and 19.5 inches.

Right after he announced the gender, they laid her on my chest just long enough for Presten to cut the umbilical cord. She was purple and I was a littler concerned. She wasn't crying and they kept suctioning her nose. They kept saying that she had taking in gunk and they needed to get it out. They grabbed her and took her over to try to get the gunk out.

The Dr. immediately started pushing hard and pulling to try to get the placenta out. Last time around they let my body do it naturally, but this time she was really wanting to get it out. No one was communicating with me or talking to us about anything. What I did know, was that they weren't ready for me to deliver. The bed wasn't ready, no one was in the room except for one nurse, and everything was all over the place. When I did sit up after delivering Kaiya, there was A TON of blood! Way more than there probably should have been. It was all over the floor, all over the bed, wheels, etc. I didn't rip that bad, just a minor stitching was needed, but I lost a lot of blood and no one was talking to me. They just were trying to get things done. After she came out I asked what time she was born, and they told me it was 1:07am. I was super surprised at that ha At one point during the labor, I told my mom and Presten, that I couldn't do it anymore and that it was taking way too long and that I couldn't make it. They didn't say anything, they just looked at each other and smiled. That was about an hour before I delivered Kaiya, and the whole laboring only lasted 2 hours so needless to say they were thinking I was being a little dramatic cuz I had just started, and then it didn't last that long haha lol

I do have to say, that the pain of getting the placenta out was way worse than actually delivering. Not to mention the contractions! They had given me pitocin with out telling me and it made the contractions that much worse. The placenta wasn't coming out as fast as she wanted, so she kept sticking her hand up inside and trying to break it away and get it out. It finally came out, but broke at the end so she had to go back up in there and try to get those pieces out. I had left over membranes that she had to get out as well. She took tongs, and was reaching up in there to try to clear everything out, and then she had to give me the numbing shot multiple times before she did the stitching. I felt like I was exposed for ever and it hurt SO bad! When it was all finally said and done my body couldn't stop shaking. They said it was all the hormones from delivering, but the shaking lasted almost all night. They gave me their cocktail drink to try to get my blood sugar up. I was super pale and very weak. Finally, all the chaos had ended.

My amazing hubby cooling me off and helping me handle the pain through getting the placenta out and getting stitched up. Presten is SO good to me!

They took Kaiya to take a bath and do her tests and what not, and they cleaned up my room and bed.
We took some pictures of our sweet little girl and then let the family know that our baby was here! These were the pictures we sent to our immediate family. After all the family knew, then the next day we posted it on instagram and facebook!

My mom headed home about 3:00am, and about 4:00am we finally were able to lay down and rest and try to get some sleep. As many may know, that's always hard to do the first night in the hospital. They kept coming in to check on the baby, and then to make sure I was drinking my juice cocktail, and all that other stuff.

February 27th, 2016:

The next day we had people come to hospital to visit and meet our sweet new addition to the family. My siblings are so amazing and were so excited to meet our new little baby that as soon as they found out she was born they all left as soon as they could and drove down from Provo, UT to come meet Kaiya. Tianna and Beyleigh had wanted to be here for the delivery and birth, but unfortunately my body didn't let us know that it was going into labor, and then when it did, Kaiya came 2 hours later, so there was no way they could have made it in time. It was a big bummer, but we were so grateful that they got to come and see her the next day. I really wanted Tianna as my photographer in the hospital, but life decided that wasn't going to happen ha Thank goodness my mom was there so we were able to get pictures!
Kaiya with her Uncle Dued!

Big brother Breck got to come to the hospital and meet his baby sister Kaiyana. That morning when he woke up he was concerned because he couldn't find mommy and daddy. My mom and Tanessa told him that we had gone to the hospital to have the baby. He had a baby sister, and her name was Kaiya. His response..."No baby sisser! No Kaiya!" he was quite upset that we were gone having a baby without him hahah by the time he came to the hospital and met her he was IN LOVE with her! He wanted to kiss her and hold her, and constantly would say, "Awwww Kaiya! She's so cute!" haha he is pretty precious!

Check out these teeny tiny hands of hers!

Our daughter's first outfit!

Daddy with is baby girl! She is not even a day old and already has him wrapped around his finger. He is SO in love with her and just adores her!!!

Gram Gram got to come down from Gunnison to meet baby Kaiya, and got to stay a whole week!

Aunt Yessa came by after school to meet her new sweet niece!
Aunt Cindy & Uncle Pete, Jake & Kaityln Tuck, Randy & Tammie Ash, Dued & Nani, Bran Bran & Beyee, Papi, Honey & Breck, Tracy, Sweety, Staysha & Shane and Gram Gram all came to the hospital to meet Kaiya. Papa & Dana face timed us so they could see Kaiya, and Aunt Eva and Luke could see her too! Everyone was so excited to meet our sweet little lady!

That night, the second night, Presten was SO tired that he slept amazing all night long. He slept through Kaiya's screaming and crying and didn't hear a thing. She was up quite a bit throughout the night, and I was grateful that he was able to get some much needed sleep! Poor man was super exhausted.

February 28th, 2016:
The next day we woke up with Presten rested and ready to head home! Two nights in the hospital was way more than we wanted! One night would have been plenty for us ha There's nothing better than being in your own bed! We unfortunately had to wait until 12:00pm to be discharged but we were FINALLY discharged from the hospital and able to head home to our family and be comfy at home! Thank heavens!!!
Enjoying some snuggles while we were waiting to leave!

Loving some fantastic smiles from our sweet little lady! 2 days hold and she is is one smiley little girl!
Every little girl that belongs to me, needs some animal print their life!

Every little girl should go home from the hospital in her very own adorable TuTu!

One proud Daddy!

Look at that sweet little face!

We are pale and tired, but ready to head home with our new bundle of joy!

I just can't get over how perfect she is!

We finally made it home! We were grateful to see our family and to be home!
I was so tired, exhausted and weak, and unfortunately, as the days went on, it just got worse from there. When we got home I was hoping that the healing process would be way better! It already was better as far as stitches go. I couldn't feel them nearly at all, but I could not get my strength back. I was still super pale. I had a great appetite, eating all the time, and drinking juice and water, but nothing was working. I was cold, had chills and aches but no fever. Finally about 5 days after I had Kaiya, it got super bad. My stitches felt like they were being ripped out, I couldn't sit, it hurt and my whole body ached. I still had no fever, but all the signs of one. I finally called and made an appt with Four Corners OBGYN and went in to have them check me. They checked everything, all the obvious things like mastitis, or blood clot, but it was none of those. When I got in I had a super high fever, aches, pains, lower back pain, chills, the works! It ended up being a uterine infection which they called Endometritis. The Dr that checked me said that she was super surprised that I had that, because it's super rare and only seen in women that have had really long labors and have been exposed for long periods of time. She said in my case, with how quick my labor and delivery was that should not have happened. She prescribed me some antibiotics and as soon as I took the first dose, I felt ten times better! The bummer part was after the infection and stitches being inflamed, my hemorrhoids flared up and that was horrible. It was like one thing after another. This time around was super chaotic and nothing seemed calm or seemed to flow. It wasn't as calm and smooth as Breck's. I am just glad that there were no major issues, and that our beautiful little girl is here with us! I am glad it's all over, and that Kaiyana is a part of our family!

Her name...When we were trying to pick a name incase we had a girl, I had fallen in love with the name Kiana. It was just too close to my sisters name Tianna. Presten had come across the name Kaiya and really liked it, I liked it too, I just felt like it needed something more. About 2 weeks before I went into labor, Presten came home one night and said, "What if we combined the two names and name our girl Kaiyana?" As soon as he said it I was in love! It was perfect! Her middle name, Marie, is a family name from both sides. My middle name is Marie and so is my Aunt Suzy's. Presten's mom and sister both have the middle name Marie, so it was the perfect middle name for her! Welcome to the world, and to the Dickinson Fan Club sweet Kaiyana Marie!

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