Thursday, March 31, 2016

End of March

I can't believe that we are already at the end of March! That went by way too fast! Kaiya will already be 1 month old this week. I can't believe how fast that flew by! This week we decided to prepare ourselves for Easter! Monday for FHE we decided to decorate eggs!
Daddy and Breck got to wear matching aprons while they dyed easter eggs! Aren't they just the cutest guys around?!

Breck had SO much fun! 

He even got to decorate them with Paw Patrol stickers after they were dry. Well, he would switch between decorating them and decorating himself lol

All 8 of their eggs, dyed, decorated and ready for the Easter Bunny!

Tuesday, after Kaiya's first Sunday at church, we got to spend all day over at the Ash's house. Lindsey and her kids were in town visiting and we got to over and have a play date, and Kaiya got all sorts of loves and snuggles from everyone! It was such a fun day and a great time to visit with friends that we don't get to see very often. 
Adalynn holding Kaiya.

Rome, Lindsey and Kaiya. Annalyse held her too, but I didn't get a picture of her holding Kaiya, bummer!

I'm loving this precious little princess of mine!

Her "o" face! I kind of love her a lot!

Look at this gorgeous face! I am the luckiest mom in the world!

We got to go down and visit Abuela before Easter. She was so excited to see her newest great granddaughter!

Breck getting some one on one Papi & Honey Time! He ran upstairs, grabbed Papi & Honey and brought them all they way downstairs to show them his tracks and wouldn't let them leave because he was having way too much fun! He loves his Papi & Honey!

I can't get enough of this gorgeous girl and her perfect smiles. She is just so smiley! I have been blessed with the happiest and smiliest babies ever!

On Friday March 25, we got to have our family come and stay with us for Kaiyana's baby blessing! We got to celebrate and spend time with cousins. Breck LOVED having his cousins here with us. He didn't know their names, so he just called them "Guys". I tried telling him their names, and he would just resort back to "Guys". "Mom, where are my guys? Come on guys, lets play! Come here guy, come see!" haha it was the best! By the time they left he FINALLY got their names down! Such a silly kid! 
Jordan and Breck cruising around in Breck's Truck Truck!

Rub-A-Dub-Dub I spy 4 kiddos in the tub!

Toby didn't like that he wasn't in the tub with everyone else, so he got to join in the crazy madness! 

These kids are just the cutest!

These two boys are the best of friends! They made each other laugh all weekend long! They are so cute! They are the funniest kids ever!

Gram Gram with all 6 of her precious grand babies! What a precious moment!

Breck snuggling with Gram Gram!

When did this little guy get so big?!

Saturday March 26, we attended a HUGE easter egg hunt in town at Santa Rita Park in Durango. They had it all set up by age. So the 2yr olds didn't have to fight over eggs with the 8 yr olds. It was such a great set up, and the kids had SO much fun! Presten and I took Breck, Layla and Kaiya. Kristen had Toby and Taylin, and Gram Gram went with Jordan. We spit it up nicely, and the kids had a BLAST!!!

These two were so excited! Until they got too cold, then they were done haha 

And the hunt is on!

All the kids after they collected all their goods! After the easter egg hunt we headed to the mall for a little bit, went to McDonald's for lunch and then headed to the Rec Center for some swimming! We had a full day of family kid friendly fun!!!

Gram Gram and Kaiya

Just being an angel and chillin' while everyone else swims

My adorable hubby surrounded by his son, niece and nephew. Moments like this make my heart so happy!

Presten had himself a little buddy all day. Jordan loved hanging out with Uncle Pres! 

After swimming we took the kids to the train museum! They LOVED it!

We even got to see the train pull in to the station! That was so exciting for them!!!

Look at these adorable kiddos!!!!

Today, March 26, this gorgeous little girl is 1 month old! I can't believe that she has already been here for 1 whole month. It feels like she was just born, and that she has already been a part of our family forever! I love her so much!!!!

Sunday March 27, 2016 was 3 very exciting events! It was my mom's birthday, Easter, and Kaiyana's blessing day! What a wonderful day to celebrate all these special events!
What the Easter Bunny brought Kaiya.

What the Easter Bunny brought all the kids for Easter. From L to R
Breck, Toby, Layla, Jordan & Taylin.

All the cousins, except Layla, ready for Easter Sunday!

All the cousins ready for church! Could these kids be any cuter?! What a fun Easter Sunday to be able to spend it with family! We were SO glad that Gram Gram and Kristin and our cousins were able to come all the way from Wyoming, and Gunnison for this special day! Kristin loved us so much she drove 12hrs by herself with 4 kids and a puppy to come for the blessing! She's kind of amazing I know!

Our Precious baby girl!

Layla holding Kaiya

Don't you love Kaiya's big yawn? She was kind of over all the pictures that mom was taking ha

Me and my precious baby girl!

Kaiya's blessing dress came from Honey. When Aunt Yessa was a baby my mom bought 2 dresses. One was super plain and and simple, and the other one had frills. Well, she had the more frilly one and wore the plain one. My mom kept both of them, and so Kaiya got to use the other one that was not used. It fit her perfectly!

She obviously loved her dress so much!

Presten gave the most beautiful blessing for Kaiya! In the circle we had Presten, Papi, Papa, Uncle Tracy, Uncle Tom, Uncle Pete, Jake Tuck, Stewart Blake, Bishop Phillips, John Gilleland and Greg Mann.

After church we held a big Easter, Blessing & Birthday dinner at my mom's house for all of our family that came up for the blessing. We had Ham, Roast, Yummy Potatoes, Rolls, Salad and Brownies and Ice Cream for dessert. 
This cute girl got to wear this darling outfit after church. I just love her and her squishy little chunk so much! 

She liked her new outfit as well!

Jordan, Breck and Layla playing together. I wish these kiddos lived closer so they could play all the time together!

The next day was Monday, and unfortunately we had to say goodbye to our family. Breck was sad, but we were going to see them again on Friday. We were headed up so our family in Gunnison could meet Kaiya. It's never fun to have to say goodbye to family. 
I just had to get a super awesome pic of Toby's hair! Does it get any better than this?! lol 

As usual, Kaiya was all smiles!

After saying goodbye, Breck kind of had a melt down that his cousins left him. So we let him give Kaiya some snuggles and occupied him with a super fun FHE night at the Costa's house!

While waiting for daddy to get home from work, mom got a little bored and started playing with the filters on snapchat lol

The Costa's had a fun FHE night filled with dinner, stories read to the kids by Berns, and making rainbow unicorn bark! If it weren't for Shea and her amazingly fun crafty ideas for the kids, my kids wouldn't know magical things like Unicorn Bark actually existed!

Golden, and all his super cute chub! This kid is just the cutest! 

Shea showing the kids how to make the bark.

Breck and Gavin

All the kiddos having a blast!!!

Breck just LOVES his baby sister so much! I'm so glad he loves her! 

Hey may love her just a little too much ahaha

Look at those gorgeous blue eyes!
What an amazing month of March we have had!!!