Sunday, March 20, 2016


March has been crazy and yet so fun! A week after Kaiya was born, I found out that I had a uterine infection. It was HORRIBLE!!!! I was miserable and in so much pain. I had fever, chills, aches and pains and everything hurt. Due to the infection, my stitches started to swell and felt like they were infected too. It was awful. I went in and they got me on antibiotics, which were such a blessing to have. That wasn't a very fun way to start the first week in march off ha Once that cleared up, I just had to learn how to adjust to life with 2 kids instead of 1. Both of my kids have thankfully been SO amazing, so the transition hasn't been that hard. It's just been more about time management and balancing everything ha
Love this precious little girl!

Morning smiles!

Her big brother is obsessed with her!

YAY FOR NANI!!! So glad Nani got to stay a whole week! Breck was VERY happy to have Nani around to play with. He loves his Nani!

Yup, Nani got inside the box, but couldn't get herself back out haha

Aunt Beyee and Kaiya

Look at those chunky cheeks!

Kaiya with the blanket that Shea Costa made for her

Picture Perfect!

She gives the best smiles for her Daddy! She has him wrapped around her finger!

snuggles with mom!

Breck loves her SO much!!! Moments like this warm my heart! So precious!

While Mom was at home recovering with Kaiya, and Gram Gram and Daddy having the whole week off of work, Breck go to go into town for some one on one fun with them. They took him to the mall and he got to ride all the fun rides! Well, not ride them...Breck doesn't like the rides to move, he just wants them to stay stationary while he plays on them hahah It's the cheaper solution for me!

He will climb up next to me and say, "Mom, I hold It?" "It" is Kaiya. Kaiya is not a she, she is an "It" haha as soon as he holds her and gives her a kiss, then he says, "Ok I done" and wants you to grab her fast you can otherwise he will try to push her off and jump up and go play lol You better have quick reflexes haha

The three loves of my life! They are my everything!

While out running errands this guy was a champ! The left picture was him fighting the fatigue and trying to stay awake. The next picture was him, closing his eyes, but still trying hard to stay awake.

This picture is him completely giving in, and passed out! haha Love my lil dude!

He felt like basket that holds bags was the right place to make himself comfortable. The seats that had cushions obviously weren't comfy enough for him haha

Pure Perfection! Look at how precious she is! How in the world did I get so lucky? I can't get enough of her!

Bath time with my littles! These two love the water!

I love you so much and don't know how to show it! So, I will just lay my giant head on top of your little tiny head to let you know how much I love you! haha this kid cracks me up! He doesn't realize that he is squishing the poor girl!

I got myself a dark one and a light one! Love these two with all my heart!

Hanging out with her daddy!

Sweety came over for some snuggles! She brought all sorts of goodies for Breck! He was SO excited!

Reading Thomas with Breck, while snuggling sleeping Kaiya. Life doesn't get much better than this for Sweety!

Breck wanted Kaiya to have the same hair do as him, so they both wore fauxhawks for the day!

This kid is so content playing on his own. He spoils me! While I am still healing from all the trauma he has been so well behaved and kept himself entertained. He's such a good lil' man!

One of her new outfits from Sweety.
Right after this picture she decided to spit up all over it, so it was a good thing we got the pictures when we did!

Her Zoolander Blue Steel pose!

He gets so excited when he gets to hold her!

Breck and Daddy all dressed and ready for their Daddy Son outing! Breck wanted to wear his hat and look like Daddy! These two are seriously the cutest!

Me and the love of my life! We pull off the glasses look really well!

She is my wild child! Mom loves to put her in some animal print as much as she can!

Breck and Papa. Breck loves Papa to go in the sunroom with him, and just sit and watch while Breck bounces on the trampoline. I love being able to see how much Papa loves his great grandson. 

The one time I got a picture of Breck eating a banana. Probably the first and last time. He LOVES fruit, except for bananas. After this picture he decided he was done and 

One of Breck's favorite things to do is go to the Train Museum here in Durango. We get to go there multiple times, it's one of our fun things we like to do as a family. Breck gets SO excited! It's so worth it just to see Breck's expression every time!

I wanted to get a picture of this cute girl in her outfit for her first Sunday (March 20) at church. She surprised me and gave me this ADORABLE grin! I just couldn't get over how precious she was and how perfect this grin was! She is just the cutest little girl ever!

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