Friday, April 22, 2016

Broncos In Durango

April 22, 2016 The Denver Broncos did a road trip through Colorado to certain cities to visit their fans. One of the towns they went to? DURANGO!!!!! Talk about awesomeness! We wanted to be closer to the front of the line, because they would arrive at 5:00pm and sign autographs until 6:00pm. At 6pm they would end it. Whether there was a line or not, so if you didn't make it early enough then you would be cut off and you were out of luck. So I grabbed both kiddos and went to Buckley park at 2:00pm and sat there in line to hold our spot. Presten got off work around 3:30/4ish and came and joined us. There was SO many people there! The way the flier made it sound, there would be the mascot, cheerleaders and some players. ended up being 2 players, One was a 3yr and the other a 2yr player, and some cheerleaders. The bummer part about the set up they had was instead of being able to visit each player, cheerleader etc. They had a line for each one. So it was a guessing game. You had to pick a line, and didn't know who you were going to see until they arrived. So you could only see one person. That was a bummer, but we got to see Jordan Norwood and got an autograph from him. 

All ready in her football onesie and tutu!

Look at all those people

The line went from the park, down the sidewalk, up main, up past 2nd ave and down 3rd. it was CRAZY!!!!!

Here come the broncos!!!!

Jordan Norwood

Todd Davis

Jordan Norwood

Closest pic we could get with Jordan Norwood & us! haha go us! lol 

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