Friday, April 29, 2016

Camping In Moab

The weekend of April 29th, Dued & Nani wanted to meet up in Moab and go camping. It was a spur of the moment last minute decision and we thought it would be a blast! We reserved our camping spots, packed up our tents and made it happen! We were a little nervous on our way to Moab, because it was raining and I had a feeling this was the view we would see all weekend....

Thank goodness it was just what we had to travel in. When we got to Moab the weather could not have been more perfect!

While we drive, the kids sleep. Best way to travel!

We made it Utah and Breckers found his Dued and Nani!!!! Soooo excited to be with them!

He's got them wrapped around his little finger!

Checking out all of the sweet cars driving up and down the street. There was a car show the same time we were in town so we got to see some pretty sweet cars and jeeps! 

They love all the pictures I take.

I love these people so much!

We started Saturday off with some breakfast and made our way into arches. We spent ALL day hiking around there! It was SO MUCH FUN!!! The day started off super cold and windy, but turned out to be hot and warm! It could not have been a more perfect day! At our first stop Dued's shoe came untied, and Breck wanted to tie it. So he ran over, grabbed the strings, scrunched them up in his little hands and said, "All done! I did it!" This kid is the best!

Gorgeous view! Nani in the bottom left laying on the rocks to get the perfect picture!

Look at Dued Jump!

Me and my boy! Kaiya is stuffed inside my jacket and the moby, all warm and snuggled up!

Look at them and their sexy muscles! So strong!

Love my boys!

Nani & Dued!

This little man LOVED exploring! He wanted to climb up anything he could!

Climbing up was easy! It was the getting down that made him stop and think! Needless to say he got scared and Daddy had to help him down. Thank goodness for strong, brave Daddy's!

Climbing up the arch!

Only cool people can nurse, hike and take pictures all at the same time without anyone knowing anything different!

My cool dude with his "spida man" hat!

Daddy made a smiley face in the sand for Breck!

aren't they the cutest couple like ever?!

Tianna ended up carrying everyone's sweaters around all day! She's a champ!

She has like 3 or 4 goin' on there!

checking out the bugs together!

We most definitely need to get a hiking backpack for Breck! He's a little too long for this carrier hahaha

Breck recording our hike with the Go Pro!

Tired bubba!

2 kids and 2 parents! look at us go! We like to pretend that we are outdoorsy!

After hiking all day we headed back to camp and played cards in the tent. The wind was blowing like crazy, and there was cotton everywhere, so we took a break and hid from it all in the tent ha

Kaiya was obviously having a blast! She was a perfect little gem the whole time! Nani said, "I keep forgetting that you have another kid cause she is so quiet the whole time!"

Look at all that cotton?! It was almost more than I could handle! It was pretty gross!

Looked like piles of snow everywhere!

We thought it would be fun to go swimming after hiking all day. Unfortunately, it was cold and windy, and there was A TON of people in the pool, so we decided that swimming was a no go!

 Instead we took showers and got all clean, then grabbed our dinner and headed to the park to play, and ate our hobo dinners there. We had a blast!
Nani & Kaiya

Group Selfie!!!!

Presten and Breck obviously give the best silly faces!

All bundled up and ready to sleep!

The boys trying to start the fire so we can make some s'mores. Took a couple of times, but they finally got it!!!

Sisterly Love!

You can't go camping without making s'mores!

Just enjoying some sweet relaxation time!

Sisters are great aren't they?!

We had to leave super early Sunday to get to church to get to hear from Elder Cook (He came to our stake center to visit. He's from the Quorum of the 12 apostles and it was so great to get to hear from him!) So we left moab, got home, changed super fast and then headed straight to church! It was go go go, but so worth it!!! We had a blast with Nani and Dued and can't wait for our next camping trip!

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