Sunday, April 3, 2016

Kaiya Meets Family in Gunnison!

Over General Conference Weekend we got to head up to Gunnison to visit Presten's family and for them to meet Kaiyana.
While I was packing and trying to get things ready to go, this kid decided he was too cool for his shirt. He would NOT keep it on. So until Daddy got home I let him run around like this because after the 4th time of putting his shirt back on, you just decide to let them run around shirtless because you just get too tired haha
 As soon as Daddy got home from work we headed to Gunnison to see our family! We got there and had dinner and enjoyed the evening together over pizza and salad and relaxation!

The next day we woke up and headed over to Punka and Grandma's for some fun visit time!
Punka and Grandma welcoming their newest granddaughter!

The kids enjoying all the toys at Punka and Grandmas

Great Grandma with Kaiya

We even managed to get the kids all together to take a pic with Punka and Grandma. Amazing I know!

The kids had a blast being able to spend all day with Punka and Grandma. That night for dinner we enjoyed some delicious spaghetti that Gram Gram makes! It was a great Saturday well spent!

Sunday morning we woke up and got to enjoy some delicious home made cinnamon and peanut butter rolls that Kristin made for us. She honestly makes the best cinnamon rolls and peanut butter rolls! It's a tradition that she does every year for Christmas, but since we were all together now she decided to make them special for us! Yup, she loves us! So we got home made rolls, and got to enjoy the first session of general conference together as a family. What an amazing way to spend a Sunday!
This little princess woke up as happy as can be! 

Grandma and Grandpa got to come over and visit with us between sessions and got to love on and meet Kaiya!

Great Grandpa with Kaiya

While the adults were are visiting the littles were EXTRA quiet. I started to search for them, and found Layla and Breck in Gram Gram's room. They were obviously jumping on the bed, which they should not be doing. I asked them what they were doing and Breck says, "2 little monkeys jumpin on the bed, one fell off and bumped head, momma Dr, Dr said, No monkey jumpin on bed!" hahah It was just too funny to not have to document with a picture! Cutest little thing ever!!!

Great Grandma and Grandpa with all 6 kiddos!

Watching Conference together!

Toby and Gram Gram enjoying some snuggle and napping time time!

After all the visits and family time, we packed up and headed back home. Not even 5 minutes into the drive and Breck was passed out. He was one tired little guy! We always have so much fun when we get to visit grandparents in Gunnison. 

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