Saturday, May 21, 2016

Scripture Heroes Primary Activity

So this years theme in Primary is, "I Know The Scriptures Are True" and what better way to teach the primary kids about the scriptures than to bring them to life?!?
We decided that each month, on the 4th or 5th Sunday, we would invite a different prophet to come in during sharing time and tell their story to the kids. So far we have had Alma The Younger and Ammon come in. The kids loved both of them. Ammon utilized the kids in his story telling. He had some kids be the sheep, while others were the robbers and he taught the kids all about his story and his super power. The kids loved it and were so excited! We take a picture of each prophet and post it above our bulletin board with their name under neath so the kids can see all the different prophets that they have met throughout the year. Doing this fun activity gave us another idea for a full day primary acitvity for the kids, so we got to work and put together a super fun day for our kiddos!

May 21st was the day we chose. We called it our
Scripture Hero's Activity!!! We invited some of our Priesthood Holders to come dressed up as our amazing prophets and teach the kids their stories!
Before we started planning, we needed to make sure that we had our awesome Priesthood Holders that would be willing to come in and play our Prophets! Once they agreed, we took off running!
We came up with 10 Prophets. The 10 we chose to focus on were:
1) Alma The Younger               6) Lehi
2) Ammon                                7) Moroni (End of Book of Mormon)
3) Captain Moroni                    8) Nephi
4) Enos                                    9) Samuel The Lamanite
5) King Benjamin                   10) The Brother of Jared

You can find all of the email/texts, pictures of info and video used for this activity HERE. There is a PDF of all the prophets, as well as pictures (to easily send in a text) of each prophet with his super power, what it means and an idea of an activity to bring to do with/show the kids. The Activity I provided to them was just an idea and they were encouraged to do a different Activity if they wanted to or if they found something more fun! Captain Moroni brought a different activity and so did Samuel The Lamanite. He came with large marshmallows, mini marshmallows, and toothpicks. He had the kids each build their own marshmallow man and then place them on a wall of marshmallows. They would then try to hit their guys with the mini marshmallows and knock them off the wall while he went around and recited" Repent and Prepare the way of the Lord" to the kids. They loved it and had a blast!!!
This is the reminder handout we passed out to each of our kids! The day before our event I also posted it on Instagram and Facebook to remind the parents of our fun event! 

With any fun event you always have to have some delicious treats and snacks! We saved these for the very end after the kids had all made their rounds around each table. 
This was our dessert table. 

These were supposed to be chocolate covered pretzel sticks, but in our small town we are limited in what we can find, so this is the best we could do and we just went with it!

The waters of Mormon. We were going to make some Lemonade titled "Ammonade" but we felt that that could get very messy very quick! So water was the best choice for us!

Can you see our super cute Samuel The Lamanite guy that our 1st Counselor Suzy made? She's super talented and amazing like that!

Title of Liberty Cookies

We got red table cloths, with black and yellow balloons for decor. We were tying to stick with a superhero theme color of Red, Black and Gold, but we couldn't find gold balloons so yellow was what we used. We set the tables up around the gym and each prophet was given a table to set their stuff up at. We planned about 10 minutes at each station. The plan was to have the kids split up into 10 different groups (1 group per table) and rotate every 10 minutes. That gave each of the guys long enough to give a small explanation of their super power, what it meant and their story. After that theywould do their activity and then we would tell them when time was up and when to switch and rotate to the next table. We had the kids rotate all the way around the gym until they made it back to the table that they started at. We planned for 40 (that's what we have in our primary) but unfortunately we did it on a bad weekend or something, because we only got 7 kids to show up so we had to adjust times, and tables and such but we were able to get the kids to meet all the prophets and get to do the activities! 

Here's the activity that Captain Moroni (my very handsome Hubby) used. He copied his idea from this website:

Here's my handsome stud! Captain Moroni riding in on his chariot! Yes it is the rolling rack that we stack the round tables on, and it worked perfect as his chariot! I was his trusty steed that brought him in! The kids loved it, like a lot!!!

We made his robe out of a bed sheet, his flag out of a pillow sheet and swiffer handle, and his arm bands, calf bands and helmet all out of paper. We should have used a different color for the arm bands and calf bands because the paper color we used blended in with his skin color. The template we used for his helmet we found on this site:

King Benjamin


The Brother of Jared & Enos

We even had a cute little stud come and visit our Prophets! He is just the cutest!!!

Samuel The Lamanite

Playing Bingo

Our cute babies look so thrilled to be here! 

Samuel The Lamanite, Ammon & Enos

Defending their fortresses!

Samuel The Lamanite telling his story!

Trying to knock their "Samuel's" off the marshmallow wall with mini marshmallows!

King Benjamin, Enos, Captain Moroni, Samuel The Lamanite, The Brother of Jared & Ammon

Our prophets with the kids that showed up! Woohoo!!!

At the very end we thanked all of our amazing priesthood holders for coming out and being our Prophets for a couple of hours. We then offered a prayer on the food and the kids were able to get snacks and then sit down and watch a little slideshow about Christ. It's about 8min long and titled:
Another Testament - Reflections of Christ Slideshow
You can find the video HERE

It was such a great day and everyone had a blast. I had some parents come up and tell me the next day that their kids were SO excited to tell them all about the prophets they met and their stories! It was so fun to know that the kids loved it just as much as I enjoyed putting it together! Thank you for EVERYONE who volunteered their time, talents and support! I could not have done this without you! You are all so amazing and I'm SO glad I have such wonderful people willing to help when we need them! You're all PHENOMENAL!!!!!!! 

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