Thursday, July 7, 2016

A Simple Summer Day!

Thursday July 7, 2016
Today was a nice relaxing day. We spent the day playing trains, making wee ooo noises and train noises, we watched Bolt the cartoon and had some awesome snuggle time and snacks! You don't get a much better day than that right?!
Playing Trains!

We even got to go on a RZR ride over to Dana and Papa's house! She needed some help with her computer. I asked Breck if he wanted to go to Dana, Papa's house and he said, "YES! ummm....Maybe we take the ride?!" haha I told him he had to go ask Honey if we could use the ride. She said yes and he was SO ecstatic! As soon as I got in and started it up he squealed with delight! He then looks at me and says, "Mom, Kaiya LOVES the ride!" The whole ride over to Dana's house he giggled and squealed with delight! I've never seen a little boy SO EXCITED to go on a ride before! It was just the cutest little thing ever!!!!!

Daddy got home from work and decided that we should to town for a night out! So we got ourselves ready and headed to the mall first. Sports Authority is going out of business and they had sales 
40%-60% off right now, so we started there and did some shopping on some sweet deals. After shopping we headed to The Palace for dinner. Presten had a GC there from work so we thought we would give it a try. We were so happy we did! Their food was AMAZING!!!!! We had the potstickers as the appetizer and they were to die for!!! The best ones in town I have had! For dinner we shared the Capellini Pomodoro Pasta with Italian Sausage! Everything we had was SO amazing and delicious! We will happily go back for their delicious food!!!!
Family Date Night!!!

After dinner we made our way home and got ourselves ready for bed. This was my favorite part of the night. Why you may ask? It's because I get to hear Breck give the BEST prayers before bed! Tonights prayer was no different.....

"Dear Heavenly Fati; hahah I said Heavnly Fati mom hahah. Dear Heavenly Fati, thank you day. Thank you Mommy, Daddy, Kaiya, and Mommy, Daddy, Kaiya Breck. Thank you go to town, and store and food and eat dinner and apple sauce and lighting queen gummies and hice cream and pizza and donuts and sleep good, have no bad dreams, in Heavnly Fati, Amen!" 

I wish so badly that I could video tape him saying these precious prayers! He is just so cute when he does it! You know they are from the heart! I love my little man so much and I'm so grateful we got to have such a magnificent day today as a family! I love my little family!!!!