Saturday, April 30, 2016


I spent most of April trying to heal from having a baby, and enjoying all the small baby cuddles I could! I am absolutely obsessed with my baby girl and can't get enough of her! 
Opening some of the CUTEST outfits we got for Kaiyana from Aunt Katrina & TuTu!

TuTu made Kaiya some burp rags with zebra print on side and giraffe print on the other side! Talk about the cutest burp rags ever! She is the greatest and so talented!!!

I just can't get enough of this face! 

She is seriously the smiliest baby! I just adore her!

Super cute outfit she got from Sweety! 

I can't believe she is finally here and she is just so perfect!

After long play dates at Kenya's house where we are too busy playing and poop and pee our pants, we fall asleep in the car ride home wearing nothing but a sweater and diaper. That's how cool this kid is!

Fishy & Shane enjoying some Kaiya cuddles!

Sweety spoils her little Breckers!

Shane & Kaiya!

WE LOVE ZEBRA PRINT! Zebra Pajamas and Zebra headband...WINNING!!!

Sporting her new outfit from TuTu! Coral and Gold! Life is always better with a little bit of gold in it!

On my birthday my friends put together a fun birthday lunch! We ate at Home Slice in Durango, and then made our way to SkyRidge park where we let the kiddos run off some energy while we all sat and visited. Thanks for a fantastic day ladies! You are all the greatest! Made my bday awesome!

Shea, Nicole, Andrea, Shea, Lynda and Myself!

Cheetah and Gold!

Happy Birthday to Me! I love my super adorable family of 4! Doesn't get more perfect than this!

Later that night, Presten and I joined Makena and Cameron for a birthday dinner celebration to celebrate both mine and Cameron's birthdays! We went to Chimayo for dinner and dessert and had a grand old time!

Kenya likes to take my camera and take selfies!

My sexy hubby!

Turning 27 is super fun when you have amazing people to help celebrate, and make it epic!

One day Breck was supposed to be down for a nap, when after an hour I heard him crying and saying, "Mommy help me!" I walk in and find this! He took down Kaiya's overalls and put them on, got his flip flops on and was all ready to go go! This kid is hilarious! He got the shorts on and couldn't get out of them! He was a little upset that he got stuck! 

Breck helping Daddy bake some cookies! 

Pure perfection!

Polka Dots are just too fun!

Cheetah Print and Hot Pink! 

Breck and Fishy like to enjoy juice boxes and snacks together. It makes everything perfect!

Our Sunday Best!

Breckers loves his baby sister and LOVES taking pictures with her!

Bubba's favorite game to play! He calls it "frog & gator"

Monday Nights for FHE we decide to have fun! We make hobo dinners, eat them on the floor like a "picnic", watch a family show and then play the hopping frog game after! Needless to say Breck had a blast and couldn't get enough of all the fun we were having!

Little girls in tutus! This outfit is from Aunt Kristin.

Snow in April...why not?!

Wearing her outfit from Aunt Katrina

I love this little stud!

He's growing up way too fast!

Mommy & Breck snuggles and selfies!

I love when he falls asleep and I can just snuggle him all up!

Sunday pictures! Sometimes they are easy and perfect, and other times they are a struggle ha

Kisses for baby sister!

She doesn't like to sleep with it being bright out, so she pulls her headbands down over her eyes so she can least that's what I think! She probably just hates them and is trying to take it off, but I like my idea better!

He loves to watch the snow!

Some days you have mom wins, and then you have mom fails. Today was a mom fail! We got Breck in the tub to take a bath. After getting him all clean he wanted to stay in and play. I went in to put some laundry in the washer and dryer and no sooner had I finished that, I heard Breck calling for me. He kept saying he was dirty. I didn't quite understand why he was saying he was dirty until I walked in and saw the worst view ever!

Just guess what this is...yup, POOP! Breck had diarrhea and decided he couldn't tell me he had to go! So it ended up in his bath. talk about GROSS! It's a mom's WORST nightmare! It was so nasty! I didn't know what to do! Welcome to the real life of a stay at home mom! The fun never ends hahah


TuTu made Kaiya some headbands and sent them to me. There were so many that I had to put them all on a rack! Look at how many headbands there are! She spoils us! I just LOVE them all!!!!

Doesn't she give the BEST smiles ever?!

I have a little too much fun with snapchat and my baby!

Gorgeous baby girl!

My baby zebra!

Pure perfection!

Rachel & Emily Miner just adoring and loving on Kaiya. I love how cute and sweet they are with her!

Trying to get a picture of Breck and Kaiya together....always more complicated than you think it will be ha

Look at my eternal loves! They are simply the cutest people ever!

I love family pictures on Sunday. I might have an obsession!

Matching boys!

You would think that capes make them super heroes....wrong! Capes make them fast like the Flash!

My adorable boys!

We love when we get super adorable outfits from Shea Costa! They help to make us look super cute! The headband is from TuTu and the socks are from Aunt Cindy. She is one super spoiled little girl!

I apparently wear this kid out and he passes out like this!

When he's sleeping, he is such a perfect angel!

So perfect and dainty!

My little cowboy!

Whoever invented Snapchat filters was genius! They are the best!

Kaiya and friends in the making!

Best friends like to hold hands and explore their tongues! They are just the cutest! I loves squishy babies! 2 months apart!